Report to the Community 2012-2013

Dr. Lewallen

Board of Trustees

  • Candi DePauw President
  • Patricia Donohue Vice-President
  • Elia Gonzalez-Castro
  • Erica Padilla-Chavez
  • Ray Montemayor
  • Bill Freeman
  • Demetrio Pruneda
  • Elaine Duran Student Trustee

A Message From The President...

On behalf of the Hartnell Community College District Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and administration, I am proud to provide this “Report to the Community.” At Hartnell College we are growing leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement. We are proud to provide the residents of our District with the opportunity to pursue a wide array of educational programs and services that meet their education and career goals. Our academic programs prepare students for transfer to a four-year institution and our career and technical education programs prepare students to enter into a variety of occupations in the workforce of today and tomorrow. Engagement is central to the student experience at Hartnell College. Students at Hartnell College engage in personal enrichment activities, artistic and cultural endeavors, student clubs and organizations, academic support services, athletic programs, student internships, and student leadership activities. Longstanding higher education research has demonstrated that students who are engaged in the campus community have greater success than those who do not get involved. The achievement of education and career goals is realized through individual perseverance and the support of outstanding faculty, support staff, and administrators. This “Report to the Community” summarizes our commitment to growing future leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement.

We have several exciting facilities projects to tell you about. This past summer we completed a PE/Field House at the center of our athletics fields. This facility contains meeting rooms, a concession stand, restrooms, changing rooms, and a satellite sports medicine room. We are constructing a Technical Training Building at the Alisal Campus to house our diesel technology program, automotive technology program, and our sustainable construction program. This building is scheduled for completion in January 2014. We recently completed construction of a solar energy project at the Alisal Campus, which reduces energy use on that campus by more than 90% and results in a savings of $6 million over 25 years. Finally, we will break ground soon on a new science building on the main campus. This 57,000-square-foot building will include state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, learning spaces, and a new planetarium, and will support our continued vision of providing world class learning opportunities for students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

The central focus of Hartnell College is student learning, and we strive to create a stimulating learning environment. With a spirit of innovation and creativity, the faculty and staff constantly engage in activities designed to enhance the learning environment and to provide for the ever-changing needs of the students and the communities we serve. The employees of Hartnell College deliver instructional excellence combined with comprehensive and accessible learning support services.

Hartnell College is appreciated and admired by the communities it serves for its high quality academics, excellent facilities, forward thinking faculty and staff, outstanding support systems and effective management of resources. Hartnell College has a history of success and a future of unlimited possibilities. We look forward to adding you to our list of success stories.

See you on the campus…

Willard Clark Lewallen, Ph.D.


Demographics & Enrollment Numbers

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

Unduplicated Annual headcount

Unduplicated Annual headcount

FTES – Full Time Equivalent Student


Our Students

Alejandra Martinez prepares for a career in health.

Alejandra Martinez is a graduate of Alisal High School. She lives in the working class neighborhood of East Salinas. Alejandra’s parents are from San Juan de los Lagos, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, roughly 2,000 miles from Salinas. They came to the United States to find work and to improve the lives of their four children: Alejandra, 19; Nancy, 17; Victor, 13; and Alan 10. Both parents work in the salad packing industry.

As the oldest daughter, Alejandra knows that her parents are counting upon her to blaze the educational pathway for her siblings. In high school, she was an active member of her school’s Health Academy. Because of her dedication to her studies, Hartnell College selected Alejandra to take part in its Summer Bridge Program.

At Hartnell, she is part of the TRiO program and is studying to become a Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP). This new program was created by a strong partnership among the college, the California Endowment, and the Hartnell College Foundation. Students in the Alisal High School Health Academy now have a pathway to a real future in the allied health field.

“Students like Alejandra keep the TRiO counselors and staff very motivated indeed,” said TRiO Director Manuel Bersamin.

Alejandra Martinez

Leonel Zagal redefines ‘hardwork’

Leonel Zagal, 21 is a 2010 graduate of Everett Alvarez High School. He has made the most of his time at Hartnell: participated in the STEM summer internship program with NPS mentors, is a pre-med SEMAA and Physics Club member, and is the coordinator for the STEM Volunteer Program. All of this is on top of a class load of more than 20 units a semester.

“Leonel is a remarkable young man and a star in the STEM programs at Hartnell,” says Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Director, Bronwyn Moreno. “He works tirelessly in his roles of full-time student, community organizer, and leader. Plus, he is an academic role model to his peers, provides mentoring and academic support at the Boys & Girls Club, and is a MESA tutor.”

Leonel gets his work ethic from his parents, who are Hartnell alums. His sister, 20, is also studying at Hartnell and hopes to become a teacher. His two little brothers, 13 and 14, look up to him and already have careers in music and optometry in mind.

Leonel is a biochemistry and bioengineering major and is planning to transfer to his dream school, University of Arkansas in the fall of 2014. His career goal is to continue his path in biochemistry, then go to medical school and become a pediatrician.

Leonel Zagal

“I thank God for this opportunity, for Hartnell, for my family, and the support I’ve received from all,” says Leonel.

Veterans Service Center

A one-stop shop for our vets

The Hartnell Veterans' Services Center opened its doors in August 2012. It is organized as a one-stop shop for Hartnell student veterans and their families to ease the transition from military service to college and civilian life by offering a relaxing gathering place that provides essential services. The center offers personalized assistance and updated information on any matter of military veteran benefits, college student services, and transition issues that include academic and social support.

The Center has grown since its first year. It now houses an academic counselor who works primarily with veteran students, the veterans program assistant who serves as the college’s certifying official, and VA work study students.

The Center also serves as a meeting area for a very active Veterans Club. The Club has established a book-lending program specifically for veteran students at no charge to the student. Meetings are held every Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Veterans’ Services Center.

Hartnell awarded:

912 scholarships totaling $536,422

88 internships totaling $229,975!

7,468 students with $17,522,566 in financial assistance.


CSIT-in-3 is a national model for taking students to new heights

Launching its inaugural cohort in fall 2013, the CSIT-In-3 program is a collaboration between Hartnell and Cal State Monterey Bay. The program provides students with a clear pathway and the support structure to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology in just three years. The 2013 cohort is comprised of 32 students representing nine local high schools and two area colleges. Twenty-four students are recipients of Matsui Scholarships, which cover up to $30,000 of the education expenses for three years.

This rigorous, accelerated program requires a significant commitment from students. They take courses year-round, enroll in 17-18 units most semesters, and participate in nearly eight hours a week of required study and enrichment. Cohort students also benefit from activities like field trips to Google, EA Games, and MBARI; professional development workshops; and internships.

“The support from the Matsui Foundation is instrumental in the students’ success,” said Executive Director of Advancement, Jackie Cruz. “This scholarship will transform lives.” CSIT-In-3 is actively recruiting for students through informational nights and high school visits. To learn more about the program, go to

Hartnell's Alisal Campus - a beacon of light in the Salinas Valley

Alisal Campus

The Agricultural Business & Technology Institute (ABTI) is a vibrant community of Hartnell College students and faculty interacting with community partners. These partners include industry representatives that provide valuable insight into the latest technologies and regulations, and guidance on approaches to expand workforce development and education. These partnerships have resulted in significant enrollment increases in the four programs of the ABTI, namely agriculture production & business, agricultural & industrial technology, heavy duty diesel technology, and welding.

Ag Institute Enrollment
Annual number of students enrolled in ABTI classes at Hartnell College. The Ag Institute data include enrolled in production, business & ag, and industrial technology classes.

To meet the skilled labor and skills market demands of our regional economy, we have developed two new agricultural emphases: sustainable crop management and horticultural technician. In addition, we have revamped the diesel curriculum to align with National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation and emission control standards. Moreover, Hartnell College has partnered with a Snap-on, the world’s largest tool and equipment manufacturer to enable us to be a regional training and certification center. Exciting collaborative opportunities in sustainability and agriculture are in the works, which will facilitate transfer of ABTI students to CSU Monterey Bay, UC Davis, and UC Santa Cruz.


Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy
The only one on the West Coast!


The Science, Engineering, Mathematics, & Aerospace Academy (SEMAA) is an innovative, national program designed to increase the participation and retention of historically underserved and underrepresented K-12 youth in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The Aerospace Educational Laboratory at the Alisal Campus, offers a unique opportunity for students to be introduced to Aerospace and technology. Our Introduction to Robotics class allows students to build and program Mindstorm Legos robots; it also serves as an amazing outreach tool for our community, offering tours and visits free of cost.

Going into its third year at Hartnell College, SEMAA has grown every year, and now serves close to 2,000 students annually. Teachers and parents line up to be a part of SEMAA, it is very exciting to see how our program has had such an impact in our community.

Mary Elizabeth James, a teacher at Kammann Elementary School in Salinas, has taught SEMAA for us at her school for several sessions and the transformation in her students is what makes her come back and participate in our program year after year.

"It's exciting to see them come alive in a field that initially they feel they have absolutely no expertise in, and some of them even doubt whether they're allowed into that field. But when they hear the word ‘NASA’ and they think, ‘WOW! Astronauts, and science, and exploring Mars and going to the moon’ it just ignites a part of them that brings their imagination out. It makes them come alive, in a way, about the sciences that they hadn't experienced before," Elizabeth James shared.

STEM grants, partnerships and internships

STEM Symposium
Summer STEM Internship Program participants pose with their completion certificates after the accelerating symposium.

Hartnell is a recipient of a unique federal Department of Education (DOE) Title V STEM grant called “Community College to University Success Program” or CUSP. It is a $6 million, 5 year project that began in October 2011. Hartnell is the lead institution with sub-awards to our two nearby universities, CSU Monterey Bay and UC Santa Cruz.

The overarching goal of CUSP is to increase low income and underrepresented students to transfer into 4-year universities and earn advanced STEM degrees.

Though the project supports the retention, persistence, and transfer for all of the various STEM disciplines, it targets specific STEM majors for special attention at the two universities. At CSUMB, biology, marine science and computer science are the targets. At UCSC, physics and engineering are the targets.

The CUSP project at UCSC is supporting the formation and nurturing a ‘Living Learning Community’ of transferred Hartnell STEM majors. It is crucial that our students are comfortable, well supported and well received at the university, and the ‘Living Learning Community’ creates the supportive, interactive environment necessary for our transfer students to be successful, both socially and academically.

The CUSP grant also provides the infrastructure and staff support for Hartnell’s signature STEM activity: The Hartnell Summer STEM Internship Program and Symposium. The Internship Program provides empowerment and applied learning experiences for our developing students through authentic research experiences. Students are prepared and placed to conduct intensive, full-time research at over a dozen universities and research organizations throughout the region. They are matched with university professors and world renowned research scientists for an 8-10 week summer experience where many of the students are named in published research.

Dr. Lewallen with Cipriana Lujan, one of the STEM Summer Interns showing off her certificate of completion
Dr. Lewallen with Cipriana Lujan, one of the STEM Summer Interns showing off her certificate of completion

The Summer Internship Program is truly an unprecedented model for a community college.

Since the program’s inception in 2006, over 375 students have gained research placements, with a record 107 students participating this year. All students are required to present their research results at an end-of-summer Annual Research Symposium held at Hartnell College. Many of the students go on to present their summer research at National STEM conferences.

The Cebrowski Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School has been Hartnell’s most prolific internship partner throughout the duration of the program. The Institute is home to several NPS programs that support student research internships, including information superiority, computer science, interdisciplinary collaboration, and global humanitarian disaster relief.

View the 2013 STEM Summer Internship Symposium

Partnership with UC Santa Cruz delivers opportunities

Prepping a culture Pocket House

Partnering with the University of California Santa Cruz, Hartnell College's National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF ATE) grant addresses the region's long-term needs for generating and delivering sustainable energy. Beginning at local high schools with underrepresented, low-income students. We are building seamless academic pathways through community college to four-year universities in two disciplines: sustainable engineering and sustainable design.

In partnership with UCSC, we have developed an on-campus microgrid test bed facility to support sustainable energy and power, and design engineering education and research. This program includes summer research internships, a high school-to-college summer bridge program, and the development of renewable energy educational modules.

Under the encouragement of Dr. Melissa Hornstein, students began a proposal during their fall 2012 renewable energy engineering class. With help from a sustainable design class in spring 2013 and continuing with the green construction program, they expanded the proposal from concept into a fully designed and constructed project during their summer internship on the Hartnell Alisal Campus, engineering students (pictured with Mentor Mike Thomas) Jaida Johnson, Andres Aranda, and Jessica Landa built the "Pocket House," a compact, sustainable, minimal carbon footprint dwelling.

Hartnell College Nursing And Allied Health Program

Clinical Agencies and Partnerships

Hartnell’s robust nursing and allied health program has placed registered nursing, vocational nursing, respiratory care practitioner, and emergency technician students at all of the following partnership sites at some time during the academic year. Natividad and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospitals support our programs, and the California Endowment largely funds the respiratory care program. Here are some of our partners:

  • Advantacare
  • Clinica de Salud
  • Castroville, Circle Drive, Sanborn Clinics
  • Coastal Kids Home Care
  • Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Dorothy’s Hospitality Center
  • Eden Valley Care Center
  • Hartnell College - Child Development Center
  • Laurel Health Clinics
  • Medics For Life, Inc.
  • Mee Memorial Hospital
  • Monterey County Health Department Salinas Office
  • Monterey Bay Oncology
  • Monterey/Salinas Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice, Inc.
  • Natividad Medical Center (including Antenatal, Lactation Services, Infectious Disease Outpatient Services)
  • Pacific Coast Care Center
  • Salinas City Elementary School District
  • Salinas Valley Memorial Health Care System
  • Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
  • St. Louise Regional Hospital
  • The Windsor Ridge Rehabilitation Center
  • Watsonville Community Hospital
  • WIC Nutrition Program
  • Windsor Gardens

Alisal Health Professions Workforce Pathways Partnership

Pathways Summer Bridge Program

$1.7 Million Invested in Building a Healthy Community

The California Endowment Helps Build Bridges, Connect Communities, and Invest in East Salinas for a Healthier & More Prosperous Monterey County.

“This initiative is designed to help address the critical needs of the Alisal community and assists students to move from poverty into upward income mobility through careers in health care,” says Dr. Willard Lewallen, Superintendent/President of Hartnell College. “It is an important pathway that meets the needs of the community and the regional healthcare industry. We are committed to this partnership.”

Elements of the Pathway include:

  • Junior Upcoming Medical Professional (JUMP) and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) clubs in elementary, middle, and high-school grades.
  • Exposure to college bound programming as early as 4th grade and a series of career exploration activities including health and medical industry field trips and interactive technology paired with language arts, math, and science curriculum.
  • Intensive 5-week program targeting graduating seniors: Summer Undergraduate Math & Health Sciences Program - a high school to college experience. Each week has a specific focus in Math, Computer Science, Biology, and Health Professions. Students earn stipends plus college credits and conduct experiments interacting with local scientists, health professionals, and faculty. It provides recent high school graduates an exceptional transition from high school to college. The program includes a leadership development component through the Academy for College Excellence Foundation course and the nationally recognized Joven Noble - a powerful healing informed and value-based curriculum.
  • High school seniors will move from the Summer Math & Health Science bridge program into nursing and allied health programs at Hartnell.
  • Robust support systems and academic programming at Hartnell College.

With the investment from The California Endowment, Hartnell College has launched a new Respiratory Care Practitioner Program to expand opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in this field. Our current programs include Emergency Medical Technician, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Registered Nurse, and Respiratory Care Practitioner.

Hartnell College is grateful to the California Endowment and all of our industry partners for co-investing in the preparation of an exceptional regional healthcare workforce.

A special acknowledgement to Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System and Natividad Medical Center for providing clinical placements, mentorship, residency placements, and financial support to Hartnell’s Nursing and Allied Health Programs.

The New Media Center

We at Hartnell College, are enthusiastic about the evolving innovations related to Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and Digital Media at the New Media Center. In the past the New Media Center has developed programs, trainings and events to build awareness about new technologies and how they might be applied in school, work, and home. We, along with the Deputy Sector Navigator, are currently working with faculty from across the Bay Area region to create relevant pathways for student success in the field of ICT/ Digital Media. Not only are we interested in promoting student success in the classroom, but we are working directly with employers to identify and meet their workforce needs. To find out more please visit us at:

New Media Center



Hartnell College is a fully accredited Institution

Accreditation for Hartnell College

Accreditation is a voluntary, self-regulatory peer review process that is conducted by professionals from other colleges to ensure the quality of an institution’s instructional programs, student services, and other activities. A school voluntarily joins an accrediting commission and in doing so agrees to their standards, eligibility requirements, and compliance.

Hartnell College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), which is part of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

In July 2013, Hartnell College was placed on probation by the ACCJC, which identified 12 deficiencies called recommendations that needed to be corrected by Hartnell in order to comply with eligibility requirements, accreditation standards, and commission policies. During the probationary period, Hartnell College remains a fully accredited college.

The college’s deadline for resolving four of the 12 recommendations is March 15, 2014 with the remainder of the recommendations to be addressed by March 15, 2015. However, Hartnell College is aggressively addressing all 12 recommendations and will provide evidence of completion by March 15, 2014.

In addition to the recommendations, the ACCJC gave Hartnell College a number of commendations, praising the college in various areas. For more on the commendations and recommendations by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, visit:

Scorecard reports metrics on student progress and success

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office has implemented the Student Success Scorecard, a new approach for reporting metrics on student progress and success. This accountability framework is built on and replaces the system known as ARCC – Accountability for the Community Colleges. The table below provides the most recent data available for Hartnell College. Each year a cohort of students is identified, and that cohort is monitored for a six year period. The table below, for instance, shows that over one-half (54.7%) of students in the 2006-07 cohort persisted through three terms uninterrupted without a break when measured through 2011-12. The scorecard allows for year-to-year percentage comparisons (see definitions further below).


Scorecard Metrics for Hartnell College

MetricCohort year 2006–07
Outcomes by 2011–12
Completion 42.0%
Persistence Rate 54.7%
30 Units Rate 60.9%
Remedial Progress RateESL – 12.7%
English – 36.4%
Math – 19.7%
Career Technical Education Rate49.5%

Completion – the percentage of degree and/or transfer seeking, first-time students tracked for six years to determine who succeed in completing a degree, certificate or transfer related outcome.

Persistence Rate – the percentage of degree and/or transfer seeking first time students, who enroll in three consecutives primary terms anywhere in the system.

30 Units Rate – Percentage of degree and/or transfer seeking first time students who complete at least 30 units after six years.

Remedial Progress Rate – The percentage of credit students who start out at any level below college transfer courses in English, Math or ESL and are monitored for six years to determine if they successfully completed a college–level course in the same discipline.

Career Technical Education Rate –The percentage of students who completed several courses classified as career technical education (or vocational) in a single discipline and succeeded in completing a degree, certificate or transfer related outcome within six years.

Source: Scorecard: An Accountability Framework for the California Community Colleges

General Fund Actual Revenue, Expenditures and Fund Balance

  • Expenditures

  • Revenue

  • Revenues 2012-2013
    Academic Salaries$12,904,100
    Classified Salaries$6,986,388
    Employee Benefits$7,064,188
    Books and Supplies $332,151
    Excess Revenue Over Expenditures$2,289,568
    Net Other Financing Resources (Uses)($1,529,614)
    Excess Revenues and Other Sources Over (Under) Expenditures and Other Uses$759,954
    Fund Balance July 1$8,795,420
    Fund Balance June 30$9,555,374
    Reserve Ratio28%
  • Historical Trend Revenue, Expenditures & Reserves

    Student Enrollment

Degrees and Certificates issued by Hartnell College

Degrees and Certificates

Foundation and Advancement

Hartnell takes to elevated levels of opportunities


Hartnell College Foundation Mission

The Hartnell College Foundation will actively support and advise the College in developing its activities, programs and facilities; will cultivate bequests and donations; and will responsibly administer funds, properties, bequests, annuities, and other instruments in the best interest of the College, the District, and the Foundation.

Legacy Society

Education is a vital investment for a healthy and vibrant community. From building early engagement in our k-12 bridge programs, to expanding scholarship and internship opportunities and developing new programs that speak to the work force needs of Monterey County; this community is at the heart of Hartnell! A planned gift preserves the quality of education for future students while developing forward thinking, innovative programs that will address the future needs of our families and this community.

Hartnell Foundation has launched its Planned Giving program. This effort is led by a founding committee of passionate volunteer and community leaders and is chaired by Anne Secker and Linda Gin.

Planned Giving Committee Members include:

  • Anne Secker, co-chair
  • Linda Gin, co-chair
  • Teri Belli
  • Roger Borzini
  • Paulette Bumbalough
  • Pam Darliing
  • Bill Hastie
  • Jesse Lopez
  • John Musni
  • Bill Stoffers

The Legacy Society are those who have honored the long-term commitment to higher education in the Salinas Valley by putting Hartnell in their estate plans.

Legacy Society Members include:

  • Paul Aschenbrenner
  • Jackie Cruz
  • Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin
  • Andrew and Kay Fernandez
  • Beverly Grova
  • Phoebe Helm
  • Dr. Kelly and Robert Locke
  • Jim Schwefel
  • Anne Secker
  • Dr. Earl Seymour
  • Gary and Mayumi Tanimura
  • Joanne Taylor Johnson
  • Mike Thomas

If you are interested in including Hartnell in your plans, please contact Jackie Cruz at (831) 755- 6810.

Kelly and Robert Locke: Paying it Forward

Kelly and Robert Locke

Kelly and Robert Locke are members of the Hartnell family who have included Hartnell College Foundation in their estate plans. Kelly has taught at Hartnell for 25 years, and enjoys watching the school grow and transform into Salinas Valley’s educational hub.

“I wouldn’t have had my educational experience without the people who made gifts to my college. We’ve included Hartnell in our estate plans because we want to see greater opportunities for the youth of this community,” says Kelly.

Kelly and Robert know the quality of education that Hartnell stands by. For many, community college is the first and the last chance to get an education. By including Hartnell in their estate plans, they will continue to shape young minds, for generations to come.

“My legacy is a more educated world.”
- Kelly Locke

Public Grants Awarded 2012 - 2013

  • Enrollment Growth for Associate Degree Nursing Programs $89,687

  • Song-Brown Health Care Workforce $125,000

  • MESA fund for Student Success $50,500

  • Hartnell College Agricultural Workforce - US Dept Ag $249,894

  • Employment and Workforce Development New Media Center $205,900

  • CSIT-in-3 NSF STEM Talent Expansion Program: National Science Foundation $89,993

  • Alisal Health Professions Workforce Pathway Partnership: The California Endowment $538,647

  • Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace Academy: NASA grant for SEMAA $125,000

Hartnell College Foundation Financials



As of June 2013, the assets of the Hartnell College Foundation totaled $10,726,108 and the income totaled $3,774,126. Expenses totaled $3,781,711.

President’s Task Force – Identifying key initiatives for private funding

Presidents Task Force

At the end of 2012, Hartnell College Foundation launched a President’s Task Force, comprising 43 members representing the community and campus leadership. They oversee a campus-wide needs assessment that identified key initiatives appropriate for private support. These initiatives are the basis of our new five-year, $15 million funding plan and marks our second capital campaign. Included in the funding plan are initiatives for innovative facilities and cutting edge programs, student success scholarships and internships, expansion of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs, completion of the athletics master plan, high quality arts programs, and additional capacity building for our campus in southern Monterey County.

Top Initiatives include:

  1. Agricultural Business & Technology Institute
  2. The Western Stage – theater arts
  3. New science building instructional equipment fund
  4. Sustainable Regional Infrastructure Program
  5. Nursing and Allied Health – Inter-professional Education Center
  6. Athletics Complex Master Plan – Phase 3
  7. Science and Math Institute - NASA SEMAA
  8. Science and Math Institute
  9. Computer Science (CSIT-in-3)
  10. South County - King City Education Center

Employee Giving

Each year, Hartnell faculty and staff support our students through the Employee Giving Campaign for Student Success. This campaign is critical to the Foundation’s ability to leverage support for our amazing programs and students, with 100% of the proceeds directly serving students.

The 2013 campaign was our most successful campaign yet, raising over $44,000, with 100% participation from Hartnell management. These funds directly support our students and demonstrate the level of pride our faculty and staff have in Hartnell College. Thank you to all who supported our students through this important campaign.

Employee Giving

Party in the Library – An annual affair

Party in the Library

On May 11, 2013, Hartnell College Foundation held its Eighth Annual Party in the Library. Once again, the sold out event bloomed into Salinas Valley’s biggest party! The night featured a strolling dinner, amazing auction led by Butch Lindley, and most importantly the opportunity to make the educational dreams of our students come true.

This year’s Leadership Award was presented to Mr. Andy Matsui for his support of Hartnell College’s new Computer Science Information Technology three-year Bachelor Degree (CSIT-in-3) program, in partnership with CSUMB. The Matsui Foundation has pledged full-ride student scholarship support for the first three years of the program, making this a life changing experience. Jimmy Panetta helped congratulate Mr. Matsui, presenting him with a letter from the Panetta family.

Through sponsorship and donations this year’s event raised over $300,000. In its eight year history, $1,090,442 has been raised in support of Hartnell’s programs and students. The Foundation would like to recognize the incredible event committee, led by co-chairs Coralee Linder and Cathy Schlumbrecht who made this event truly bloom. Thanks to all who supported this year’s Party in the Library event! We look forward to seeing you at next year’s party on May 10, 2014!

Matsui's and Linder's Party in the Library Committee

Hartnell College Foundation Board of Directors

* Alumni
  • * Gary Tanimura President
  • * Joanne Taylor Johnson Past President
  • * Bruce Adams Vice President
  • * Mike Briley Vice President
  • * Alfred Diaz-Infante Vice President
  • * Andrew Fernandez Vice President
  • Aaron Johnson Vice President
  • Coralee Linder Vice President
  • Nicholas Pasculli Vice President
  • Cathy Schlumbrecht Vice President
  • Susan Black Treasurer
  • * Linda Gin Secretary
  • Leonard Batti
  • Teri Belli
  • * John Bosio
  • John Buttgereit
  • Kurt Gollnick
  • William Hastie
  • * Nate Holaday
  • * Emmett Linder
  • Elizabeth McCarter
  • * Natalie Rava
  • Brad Rice
  • * Esther Rubio
  • Anne Secker
  • * Bart Walker
  • David Warner

Hartnell Representatives

  • Willard Clark Lewallen, Ph.D Superintendent/President, Hartnell College
  • Elia Gonzalez-Castro Hartnell College Board of Trustees
  • * Jacqueline Cruz Executive Director of Advancement
  • Loyanne Flinn de Guaracha Director of Development

Public Grants $2,178,773 — Private Grants $2,582,533

Total $4,761,306


Jackie Cruz, Executive Director of Advancement and the Hartnell College Foundation, expresses, “Our Philanthropic partners are a cornerstone of Hartnell College. We wish to thank all of them for their commitment to a well-educated citizenry in the Salinas Valley.”


Hartnell College Solar Project

Hartnell College Solar Project

Creating a sustainable campus

The Alisal Campus solar project, completed in July 2013, is a 543KW parking canopy solar PV system designed to offset the energy use at the Alisal Campus by as much as 93%, with more than $5.9 million in general fund savings in the next 25 years.

PE Field House

PE Field House

The recently completed structure includes three standard classrooms that can be reconfigured to accommodate changing areas for home or visiting teams, team meetings, and video reviews of game play. In addition, the building features concessions facilities, restrooms and a satellite training room equipped to handle minor injuries.

The Technical Training Building

Technical Training Building

Scheduled for completion January 2014. This 16,500 square foot facility will be LEED certified and feature high quality instructional technology. It will house learning facilities for diesel and auto mechanics, alternative energy auto maintenance, and a large construction laboratory with an emphasis on sustainable construction.

The New Science building

The New Science Building

The new science building will be the centerpiece of the main campus, currently awaiting DSA (Division of State Architects) approval before going out to bid and the start of construction. The building will feature a new planetarium along with teaching facilities for biology, microbiology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, and anatomy. Construction is projected to take 19 months and is expected to open in early 2016.

Information Technology Improvements

The Information and Technology Systems team has been busy upgrading and improving the technology on campus to improve efficiency and effectiveness for employees and to improve support for student learning.

Learning to code

Below are just some of the projects completed in the last 18 months to increase student access and improve instructional efficiency.


  • new wireless system and added a guest access system
  • online parking daily permits
  • a student Early Alert System for faculty


  • the College’s student information system, Ellucian Colleague – Student
  • assistance with instructional computing and professional development


  • from Groupwise to Google email, calendar, and document sharing
  • from Novell Netware’s eDirectory to Microsoft’s Active Directory
  • to a more functional, flexible, and responsive learning management solution

Other improvements:

  • virtualized the campus servers
  • piloted a decentralized “cloud based virtual desktop”
  • licensed and implemented Cognos 10
  • upgraded 10 new classrooms with latest in teaching technology
  • increased student print locations from 3 to 10

Hartnell College Enhances Campus Safety



Hartnell College’s SMS-based mobile phone emergency notification service; In the event of an emergency, Hartnell College students, staff, faculty and others will be alerted with important security information in real-time.

To subscribe, use the Hartnell Campus Safety Link

Code Blue Devices

Code Blue Devices

Blue Light Emergency Phone Towers have been installed throughout each campus and a LED Blue Light mounted atop the emergency phone tower provides high visibility. Emergency personnel can be reached with the simple push of the red button. Once the button is pushed, the LED Blue Light begins to flash, attracting attention to the location. The Emergency Phone face plate is illuminated at all times for clear visibility during the night.

Campus Security Escort

Campus Security Escort

A campus security officer is available at any time to escort students, staff, and faculty to any location on any of the campuses. Dial 831-755-6888 for a campus escort.

Emergency Operations Plan

Emergency Operation Plan

: The multicolored Emergency Action Disaster Guide document is included in every classroom and office on each of the three Hartnell Campuses and is a comprehensive emergency plan to be utilized in the event of an emergency.

Interior Classroom Locks

Interior Classroom Locks

Interior classroom locks have been installed in classrooms on the main campus and The King City Center. The Alisal Campus has a keyless entry system and does not require interior locks. In case of an emergency requiring shelter in place, the key in the blue crush box can be used to lock the door from within.

Visiplex Campus Emergency Notification System


Our Visiplex mass notification system offers emergency communication, public address speakers, and intercom communication. The Visiplex will be used for broad communication in the event of an emergency.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Automated External Defibrillator

Hartnell College has recently completed installation of AEDs in strategic locations on all three campuses. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that can measure or diagnose a life threatening cardiac condition and issue electronic therapy, that is generally effective in re-establishing heart rhythm.

Video Surveillance For Parking Structure

Video Surveillance For Parking Structure

Hartnell College is currently looking into the implementation of video surveillance cameras for the parking structure. The cameras will allow us to capture images of vehicles entering and exiting the parking structure to monitor safety on the interior of every floor.

Our Employees

  • Total Work Force - 2012-13

  • Total Work Force - 2012-13 (cont)

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial Workforce - 2012-13

  • Executive/Administrative/Managerial Workforce - 2012-13 (cont)

  • Classified Workforce 2012-13

  • Classified Workforce 2012-13 (cont)

  • Full-time Faculty 2012-13

  • Full-time Faculty 2012-13 (cont)

  • Employees - 2012-13

    M% MF% FHisp% HispWhite% WhiteBlack% BlackAsian% AsianOther% OthUnk% UnkTotal
    Clerical 8 17% 40 83% 36 75% 6 13% 1 2% 5 10% 0 0% 0 0% 48
    Executive/Managerial 13 48% 14 52% 7 26% 14 52% 0 0% 4 15% 1 4% 1 4% 27
    Instructors 41 45% 51 55% 18 20% 59 64% 4 4% 8 9% 2 2% 1 1% 92
    Professional (non-faculty) 1 10% 9 90% 8 80% 2 20% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 10
    Service/Maintenance 22 79% 6 21% 18 64% 5 18% 4 14% 1 4% 0 0% 0 0% 28
    Skilled Craft 3 100% 0 0% 3 100% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 3
    Technical/Paraprofessional 14 34% 27 66% 17 41% 12 29% 2 5% 10 24% 0 0% 0 0% 41
    Adjunct Instructors 114 56% 91 44% 44 21% 133 65% 5 2% 19 9% 3 1% 1 0% 205
    Total21648%23852%15133% 231 51% 16 4% 47 10% 6 1% 3 1% 454

Monica Carrasco, Financial Aid Specialist since 2003

Monica Carrasco

Monica Carrasco began her journey at Hartnell fresh out of high school in 1980 where she took classes, got married, and had three children. She returned to Hartnell in 2003 to work in the Financial Aid Office and as she helped reentry students achieve their goals, she thought, “one day, that is going to be me.” Spurred on by reading a motivational quote that divided the world into talkers and doers, and at the age of 45, she finally signed up for a Hartnell course.

“It was English 101,” says Carrasco, “and the instructor was Joe DeRuosi. I felt so intimidated about going back to school that I talked myself into dropping out.” She sent him an email to tell him of her decision. “Almost immediately my phone rings, and his voice says, ‘No! Absolutely not! You will not drop. I will help you. You can do this. You need to do this.’”

And so she did. One step at a time, one class at a time, she moved forward, until, with additional encouragement from counselor Laverne Cook, she graduated in 2011.

Carrasco is now working on a bachelor’s degree in social work at CSUMB and continuing her full-time employment at Hartnell.

“One step at a time,” she says. “I am a doer, not a talker.”


Men's Soccer

Mens Soccer

The Hartnell Men's Soccer program completed another successful season in 2012. The back-to-back Coast Conference Southern Division Champion finished the regular season with a 12-2-7 record and ranked #6 in Northern California, and #10 in the state.

Women's Soccer

Womens Soccer

In 2012, the team produced one of the most successful seasons in recent history with a record of 7 wins (most since 2005), 8 losses (least since 2002), and 6 ties. Two of our players were among the point leaders in the state: Karen Aguilar with 40 points (16th in the state) and Maritza Nava with 35 points (22nd in the state).

Track and Field

Track and Field

For the first time since 2007, both the men's and women's teams were victorious at the Coast Conference Championships. The men were decisive winners with 166 points victorious (by 37 points) over College of San mateo. The Lady Panthers won by just 1 point, 217-216, over DeAnza College. The 2013 spring track and field season saw an individual state champion for the Panthers. Freshman Austin Decker (North Country H.S.) won a fierce pole vault competition to win a state championship with a height of 16' 2.50" - the fourth highest clearance in school history.



The Hartnell softball team has had several consecutive 20-win seasons. The Lady Panthers were an incredible 33-9 this season. The team ended up #4 in Northern California and #7 in the state. The team also competed in the state playoffs.

Cross Country

Cross Country

The 2012 cross country season was filled with individual and team success. In early September, both men's and women's teams were victorious at the Diablo Valley College Invitational with individual titles going to Panthers Robert Valencia (Alisal H.S.) and Victoria Alcala (Alvarez H.S.). At the Coast Conference Championship, the men were victorious for the third consecutive year and 15th time since 1987. In a record showing, nine men placed in the top 14 to earn All-Coast Conference honors. The women placed second at the Coast Conference Championship, and were able to secure four All-Coast Conference honors with Rosita Uriostegui (Alisal H.S.) and Sofia Martinez (Greenfield H.S.).



The Hartnell College football team had a 6-4 season with a record of 4-1 in Coast Conference play. The Panthers have now won a share of the Coast Conference Championship three of the past four seasons. There were five Panthers that signed Division 1 scholarships, four of whom were from local high schools. Another six players signed scholarships to lower divisions. The Panthers received 13 All-Conference Awards.



The Women's Volleyball program at Hartnell College has undergone many exciting and positive changes. Through hard work and dedication, the program has had five consecutive winning seasons. The program consistently sends their players on to the next level.



In the past three years alone, the baseball team has had one class valedictorian and 20 student- athletes receive scholarships to play at various 4-year colleges and universities. Overall, in the past 13 years, we have sent 87 student-athletes on to 4-year colleges and universities. On the field, we have had two All-Americans, two student-athletes drafted into professional baseball, and 17 student-athletes named to the All-Coast Conference Team.

Robert Wayman – Makes the homerun of his life

Robert Wayman received an athletic and academic scholarship from St. John’s University to play baseball during the 2013-2014 school year. He was an All Coast Conference Infielder his freshman year at second base and also as a shortstop his sophomore year. Robert had a 3.7 GPA while attending Hartnell. He was a team leader not only on the baseball field, but also in the classroom.

Robert Wayman

Athletics Field 360°

View Athletics Field

Arts & Culture

The Western Stage offerings to our community

The following serve as short introductory experiences into Theatre:

  • Spring Fest - a pre-season series of performance projects, workshops and classes offered February - May each year and is when projects with outside agencies and Hartnell Associates happen.
  • The LegacyPlayers - for local seniors ages 55 and up. They perform here and out in the community.
  • The Young Company - for local youth ages 5-17.
  • School Matinee Program - a literature-based, full-length performance for local schools.
  • School Touring Program - an outreach show & workshop for individual schools or classrooms.
  • Partnerships with community organizations, for example:
    • The National Steinbeck Center - Steinbeck Alive (character portrayals), and The Big Read.
    • The Alisal Center for the Fine Arts - We provided assistance developing a theater program funded by the Packard Foundation.
    • The S.P.C.A. for Monterey County - Special and original productions developed and presented to benefit the organization.
    • The Rape Crisis Center for Monterey County - Special benefit productions.
The Western Stage

The Western Stage is having a very successful 2013 season. We opened with John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath,” which played to packed houses in the Studio Theater.

On the Mainstage we just closed Luis Valdez’s Chicano theare classic, “Zoot Suit.” Mr. Valdez joined us for our sold-out closing night and came backstage to talk with the cast and crew following the performance.

We also produced our third season of the 2X4BASH, which provides an opportunity for the next generation of theatre artists to collaborate, innovate, and educate through provocative contemporary works.

At two ends of the age spectrum, The Young Company offers exciting opportunities for young people interested in becoming involved in the theatre arts, and our Legacy Players is a group of veteran, senior actors who offer unique performances that illuminate and enrich the lives of our community.

The Western Stage is gearing up for its 40th anniversary season in 2014. We will kick off the celebration with this season’s Gala on November 23, 2013, that includes a performance of the Gershwin musical “Crazy for You.”

Hartnell Arts

Music – A program so popular, it strikes a chord!

Hartnell Jazz Band Hartness Choir

The Hartnell Music Department held several performances around our community in 2012-2013. Our musicians are always happy to participate in community events and host their own annual concerts.

At Hartnell, musicians can participate in the following groups:

  • Hartnell Choirs
  • Hartnell Jazz Band
  • Hartnell Orchestra
  • Estudiantina
  • Hawaiian Class

These groups performed at the following events and venues:

  • Winter Concert
  • Spring Concert
  • Free concerts for elementary school students
  • Hartnell graduation in May
  • Annual ‘Extravaganza’
  • National Steinbeck Center
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Salinas Rotary Club
  • Opening of Cesar Chavez Library
  • King City YOSAL program

The Gallery

The 2012- 2013 exhibition schedule presented a close examination of the history and tradition of both the Hartnell Art Department and the Hartnell Gallery.

The opening exhibition focused on aspects of the collection assembled over its long 50+ year history. Mid-Century California: Selection from the Hartnell Collection, August 15 - October 20 showcased acquisitions and gifts reflecting the interest in two competing movements in American Art; Regionalism and Abstraction before and after the Second World War.

Bailando con la Muerte, October 20 – November 10, the annual celebration of community, curated by Trish Sullivan featured performance, music and exhibitions related to Dia de Los Muertos.

The talents and long service of the Hartnell College faculty was examined in two exhibitions. The Faculty Show, November 21 - February 21 presented works by all current full and part time faculty members and recognized the contributions of former full time members , especially the original founding instructor, Leon Amyx, who initiated the arts program in 1935.

Pam Murakami: Artist in Residence, Feb 25 - March 21, brought together the talents of one faculty member and the prescious collection of Japanese miniature carvings known as netsuke. Ms. Murakami selected the portion of this gift from Mrs. Leslie Fenton representing folk tales of supernatural ghosts and beings. She produced a series of ceramic platters depicting these creatures and also engaged her students in the ceramics program to explore these refined and fascinating carvings and the rich folk traditions of Japan in their own renditions of netuske subjects.

Concluding the year was the popular Hartnell Student Exhibition, April 30 – May 23. Works by students in numerous media filled the Gallery with a presentation of the results of the previous years’ work by Hartnell art students.


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