2017 Western Food Safety Summit- Day 1: FSMA Rules and Applied Food Safety Science

FSMA Rules and Applied Food Safety Science

Wednesday, 03 May 2017

Educational program

Main Stage, Building K, Hartnell College Main Campus





  • -          Announcement of Food Safety Scholarship recipients
  • -          Kahoot tool survey tool

Dr. Willard Lewallen
Bob Mills

Dr. Susan Pheasant

Produce Rule

  • -          Key Components of the Produce Rule and Resources for Growers
  • -          Whom in your operation should be trained so that you are in compliance?   PSA Trainings to be offered; How to become a trainer, trainer-of-trainers, lead trainer
  • -          Common region-specific questions that we are often asked during PSA trainings.

Donna Pahl


Water Quality - Sampling, Harvest

  • Compliance dates are here …how to sample; who to ask for guidance; key resource people and websites
  • cfu versus mpn

Melissa Partyka

Legal Methods to Control Animal Intrusion

  • Which animals are of most concern?  When is a Canadian Goose not a migratory species?
  • Drought may be influencing migratory patterns which might impact farmland and/or adjacent land; Migratory Act Treaty

Andy Gordus




Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods Rule

  • How bring product in; How move product along supply chain

Pam Young


Sanitation Controls in Processing Facilities as a Preventive Control

  • How, when, why, where, and who along with documentation

Dolores Aceves

Morning Kahoot

Dr. Susan Pheasant



Food Safety Education via Hartnell College

  • Internship model at Mann Packing
  • ABTI Food Safety Science Program update including 2+2 Food Safety Management with CSUMB

Dr. Susan Pheasant
Cecilia Mendoza or Greg Komar

Food (foreign) Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) for Importers of Food for Humans and Animals

  • Explanation and application of rule
  • If in a situation where >1 rule applies, which one do I comply with first?
  • Promote upcoming training on August 7-9 via the Agricultural Business and Technology Institute at Hartnell


Whole Genome Sequencing Science and Implications

  • What is now possible with science
  • How does new/improved science impact consumers and the fresh produce industry
  • Case studies: focus on how to protect consumers; focus on how to protect business

Dr. Jennifer McEntire  



Process Controls As Preventive Controls In My Food Safety Plan

  • GMP or Preventive Control?  And why might I want one over the other?           

Dr. Willette Crawford


Risk Assessment Case Studies

Melissa Partyka

GFSI versus Federal FSMA Regulations

  • Why is there a difference at this point in time and what do you need to pay attention to in order to stay out of jail
  • Who needs to be trained on what … such that you are in compliance

Dr. Jennifer McEntire  

Afternoon Kahoot  (evaluation tool with cell phones (and written version available)

Concluding Remarks and Recognition of ABTI Food Safety Industry Advisory Committee members

Dr. Susan Pheasant

Bob Mills