2019 Institutional Self Evaluation Report

Accreditation - 2019 Institutional Self Evaluation Report


Accreditation - 2109 Institutional Self Evaluation Report Cover



Some specific Accreditation Committee members, reporting collaborators, and key contributors to the ISER development process include the following individuals; however, due to the College approach to drafting this final representative document, some contributors’ names are absent. A focus on meeting ACCJC Standards, Eligibility Requirements, and Commission Policies that ensure the quality of the Hartnell College educational experience involves the daily efforts of all constituents of Hartnell College and continues to be an integral component of its College culture.

Dr. Lori Kildal, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Michael Hooper, English Instructor

Introduction / History / Demographics
Esmeralda Montenegro, Director of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations
Natalia Cordoba-Velasquez, Director of Institutional Research

Eligibility Requirements, Commission Policies, Federal Requirement Adherence
Dr. Rebecca Fields, Biology Instructor

STANDARD I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity
(Standard I / Co-Chairs)
David Beymer, Athletic Trainer
Dr. Brian Lofman, Dean of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
(Standard IA / Co-Leads)
Dr. Hortencia Jimenez, Sociology Instructor
Moises Almendariz, Director of Hispanic Serving Institutions Initiatives
Kimberly Kessler, Administrative Assistant III
Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness
(Standard IB / Co-Leads)
Dr. Debra Kaczmar, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
Dr. Mohammed Yahdi, Math Instructor
Dr. Layheng Ting, Institutional Research Analyst
Institutional Integrity
(Standard IC / Co-Leads)
Dr. Slava Bekker, Chemistry Instructor  
Bronwyn Moreno, Director of Special Programs
Lucy Serrano, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/President 
and Board of Trustees
STANDARD II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services
(Standard II / Co-Chairs)
Lisa Storm, Administration of Justice Instructor
Dr. Romero Jalomo, Vice President of -Student Affairs
Instructional Programs
(Standard IIA / Co-Leads)
Dr. Celine Pinet, Dean of Academic Affairs
Carol Hobson, Business Instructor
Herbert Cortez, Curriculum & Scheduling Specialist
Library and Learning Support Services
(Standard IIB / Co-Leads)
Kathy Mendelsohn, Dean of Academic Affairs
Laura Fatuzzo, Physics Instructor
Ramon Serrano, Library Technician I
Student Support Services
(Standard IIC / Co-Leads)
Mary Dominguez, Dean of Student Affairs
Mitzi Alexander, Counselor, EOPS/CALWORKS
Frank Henderson, Tutorial Services Coordinator
(Standard III / Co-Chairs)
Benjamin Figueroa, Vice President of Administrative Services
Dr. Ann Wright, Biology Instructor
Human Resources
(Standard IIIA / Co-Leads)
Terri Pyer, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and EEO
Dr. Marnie Glazier, Theater Arts & Communication Studies Instructor
Alma Arriaga, Specialist Human Resources and EEO
Physical Resources
(Standard IIIB / Co-Leads)
Joseph Reyes, Executive Director of Facilities, Planning & Construction Management
Dr. Burton Ward, Sustainable Design/Construction Instructor
Dawn Henry, Lead Project Coordinator (Measure T)
Technology Resources
(Standard IIIC / Co-Leads)
David Phillips, Vice President of Information and Technology Resources
Cheryl O’Donnell, Computer Lab Specialist
Laura Otero, Instructional Technologist
Financial Resources
(Standard IIID / Co-Leads)
Suzie Payne, Controller
Peter Calvert, Business Instructor 
Fred Placido, Senior Accountant
STANDARD IV: Leadership and Governance 
(Standard IV / Co-Chairs)
Dr. Willard Lewallen, Superintendent/President
Chris Moss, Mathematics Instructor 
Decision-Making Roles and Processes 
(Standard IVA / Co-Leads)
Renata Funke, Dean of South County
Samuel Pacheco, History Instructor
Stephen Otero, Technology Specialist
Chief Executive Officer
(Standard IVB / Co-Lead)
Manuel Bersamin, Director (TRIO)
Francisco Corchado, Counselor
Belen Gonzales, Coordinator of Job & Internship Placement
Governing Board
(Standard IVC / Co-Leads)
Dr. Willard Lewallen, Superintendent/President
Christopher Moss, Mathematics Instructor
Lourdes Sanchez, Administrative Assistant III
Quality Focus Essay
(QFE #1-Guided Pathways)
Dr. Brian Lofman, Dean of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
Dr. Romero Jalomo, Vice President of Student Affairs
Jason Hough, Communication Instructor
Christopher Moss, Mathematics Instructor
Lisa Storm, Administration of Justice Instructor
Dr. Hetty Yelland, English Instructor
Belen Gonzales, Coordinator of Job & Internship Placement
Nonita Fortman, Administrative Assistant II (Guided Pathways)
Nelida Ponce, Student
(QFE #2-Transfer & QFE #3-Career Placement)
Antonio Alarcon, Dean of Student Affairs (Student Services)
Sharon Albert, Assistant Dean of Career Technical Education & Workforce Development 
Joy Cowden, Director of Science and Math Institute
Dr. Brian Lofman, Dean of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
Elizabeth Cabiles, Cooperative Work Experience Education Instructor
Norma (Cuevas) Hernandez, Counselor 
Joel Morales, Coordinator of Job & Internship Placement