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Individuals interested in a nursing or allied health career should meet with a Hartnell College Nursing and Allied Health academic counselor before enrolling in courses.  The counselor will develop an individualized educational plan based on the student's needs.  Also, the counselor will evaluate college transcripts and complete a Course-to-Course Equivalency form necessary for transfer of credits.  Please contact the Hartnell College Counseling Office for an appointment at 831-755-6820 or for online scheduling at 

Hartnell College Nursing and Allied Health is Investigating the Feasibility of an Associate Degree in Science, Vocational Nursing

Currently, Hartnell College awards a certificate in vocational nursing. If approved, the associate degree in science, vocational nursing would offer another nursing option to Hartnell College students.

For further information, we encourage prospective students to attend our Nursing and Allied Health Informational Sessions.






Licensed Vocational Nurse

Registered Nursing

Respiratory Care Practitioner


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Registered Nursing & Vocational Nursing Informational Sessions


Respiratory Care Practitioner and Emergency Medical Technician
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In Memory of John Silveira, RN

The John Silveira “Health and Peace” 
Nursing Scholarship 
RN Class of 2017 

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Nursing and Allied Health
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SB 466 (Hill)- Military Education and Experience Proposed Regulatory Change

SB 1348 (Cannella, 2016)- Licensure Applications: Military Experience


Who to contact

Dean of Academic Affairs, Nursing and Allied Health
Phone: 831-770-6146
B - Student Services
Office: B219
Building: B - Student Services
Program Assistant II
Phone: 831-770-6148
B - Student Services
Office: B217
Building: B - Student Services
Administrative Assistant I
Phone: 831-770-6146
B - Student Services
Office: B223
Building: B - Student Services