Nursing and Allied Health

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To ensure a quality Nursing and Allied Health educational plan (course to course equivalency, transcripts etc.) Please contact the main counseling office for an appointment with the Nursing and Allied Health Counselor at 831-755-6820; or online scheduling at 


Test and Procedures Changes

The ATI test is changing from TEAS V to a new TEAS version on August 31, 2016. 

Students applying to the registered nursing program are no longer required to take the TEAS test prior to their application to the nursing program.  Students will instead submit their complete application to the nursing department for Fall 2017 admission.  After the February 2017 deadline, the RN admission committee using the multicriteria* point system will screen all applications and then invite a reasonable number of eligible applicants to take the TEAS test.  A letter will be mailed to those applicants with details regarding the TEAS. The TEAS for these students will be offered at no charge.

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You must complete and submit an application for admission to Hartnell College and have an active Hartnell student email address prior to applying to the programs.
Nursing and Allied Health Programs
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Hartnell College Scholarships

Nursing and Allied Health

November 1 and May 1 (annually)
  • Complete Application
  • One Page Personal Statement
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • Unofficial Hartnell Transcript



In Memory of John Silveira, RN

The John Silveira “Health and Peace” 
Nursing Scholarship 




Who to contact

Dean of Academic Affairs, Nursing and Allied Health
Phone: 831-770-6146
B - Student Services
Office: B219
Building: B - Student Services
Program Assistant II
Phone: 831-770-6148
B - Student Services
Office: B217
Building: B - Student Services
Administrative Assistant I
Phone: 831-770-6146
B - Student Services
Office: B223
Building: B - Student Services