Registered Nursing

ATI- TEAS test and procedures are changing
The ATI test is changing from TEAS V to a new TEAS version on August 31, 2016. 
Students applying to the registered nursing program are no longer required to take the TEAS test prior to their application to the nursing program.  Students will instead submit their complete application to the nursing department  for Fall 2017 admission.  After the February 2017 deadline, the RN admission committee using the multicriteria* point system will screen all applications and then invite a reasonable number of eligible applicants to take the TEAS test.  A letter will be mailed to those applicants with details regarding the TEAS. The TEAS for these students will be offered at no charge.


For Fall 2017 admission only-
Hartnell College RN applicants will be allowed to use TEAS V or the new version 6 TEAS test score.  However, ALL provisionally admitted students will be required to take the new version of the TEAS at Hartnell College as part of the conditions of admission. This can be your only time you take the TEAS or it may be a repetition.  Your highest score on these tests will be used for admission points.

It is highly recommend that students purchase and practice using the TEAS study guide (current VI edition) and use the practice online tests available at www.atitesting. com.

*Hartnell College’s multicriteria screening includes:   GPA in relevant course work; life experiences/special circumstance; and, proficiency or advanced level work in language other than English. 

Please note!  ATI testing is considering limiting the number of times students may take the test to one time in 12 months.

For Fall 2018 admission, Hartnell College RN applicants can only use their first TEAS score for admission. 

Ten Important Changes to the ATI TEAS

  1. TEAS V to become ATI TEAS on August 31, 2016
  2. Reading section is raised to 31% of the test
  3. Mathematics section is raised to 21% of the test
  4. Science section is lowered to 31% of the test
  5. English and Language Usage is lowered to 17% of the test
  6. Science section now primarily focuses on Human Anatomy and Physiology
  7. The Reading section is now more precise in its questions and content areas
  8. The Math section has been reduced from four content areas to only two
  9. ATI TEAS score reports are to be improved from feedback of the TEAS V score reports
  10. Calculators will be provided for appropriate sections of the ATI TEAS



The Hartnell College Registered Nursing (RN) Program is a defined group of prerequisite, and corequisite courses and a 4-semester course of study consisting of classroom, high-fidelity simulation, nursing skills laboratory, seminar, and clinical experiences. Upon successful completion of program requirements, graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). After passing, graduates may practice as registered nurses in a variety of acute and community-based settings. The Hartnell College RN Program is fully approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, a member of National League for Nursing, and is seeking accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

ADN Program Outcomes*:
Upon successful completion of the Hartnell College Registered Nursing Program, a graduate will
1.      Communicate with clarity, purpose and sensitivity with patients, families, communities, and interprofessional team members.
2.      Access information required to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patient care in accordance with legal and ethical standards.
3.      Utilize evidence based practice and critical thinking skills when applying the nursing process to the nursing care of patients throughout the lifespan.
4.      Integrate cultural competence in providing holistic nursing care across the lifespan based on knowledge of physical, social, and behavioral sciences.
5.      Value lifelong learning, continuing education, and accountability for professional practice and development.
6.      Advocate for patients, consumers, and the nursing profession through the involvement in healthcare policy and nursing practice.
7.      Assume responsibility for the promotion, maintenance, restoration, and optimization of health for patients, families, and communities by utilizing the nursing process and a variety of teaching/learning strategies.
8.      Use the principles of ethical decision-making according to the Nursing Code of Ethics and Patient Bill of Rights when planning care.
9.      Demonstrate competence in nursing skills and caring practice at an entry level into the nursing profession in accordance to quality and safety initiatives.

*Under revision 2016-2017.


Who to contact

Dean of Academic Affairs, Nursing and Allied Health
Phone: 831-770-6146
B - Student Services
Office: B219
Building: B - Student Services
Assistant Director of Registered Nursing
Phone: 831-770-6146
B - Student Services
Office: B218
Building: B - Student Services
Program Assistant II
Phone: 831-770-6148
B - Student Services
Office: B217
Building: B - Student Services
Administrative Assistant I
Phone: 831-770-6146
B - Student Services
Office: B223
Building: B - Student Services