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Academic Senate Agenda

October 25, 2005

3:00 PM, Annex

I.                   Call to Order: Meeting will call to order at 3:00 PM.

II.                Adopt Agenda

III.             Approve Minutes

IV.              Public Comments (three minutes each)

V.                 President’s Report

VI.              First Vice President’s Report

VII.           Committee Reports (three minutes max/per committee): Accreditation, Budget, College Council, Curriculum, Facilities Planning, Faculty Hiring.

VIII.        ASHC Report

IX.              Classified Senate Report

X.                 HCFA Report

XI.              Discussion/Information Items (10 minutes max/each)

A.     Update on Information Competency: Part II

B.     Scenario 16: L. Estrella

C.     CurricUNET

D.     Dean of Advancement and Development: Beverly Grova

E.      Campus Change Network: Mohammad Hussain

F.      Resolution on Board Policy 2005: L. Estrella

XII.           Action Items

A.     Appointment of Occupational Education faculty member to Curriculum Committee

B.     Peer advisors for probationary faculty

1.      James Beck—faculty peer: Marylu Stenbit

2.      Jessica Breheny—faculty peer: Maria Tabor

3.      Alejandra Gutierrez—faculty peer: Carol King

4.      Rhea Mendoza-Lewis—faculty peer: Dan Petersen

5.      Maria Michael—faculty peer: Carol King

6.      Heidi Ramirez—faculty peer: Dan Petersen

7.        Hetty Yelland—faculty peer: Melissa Reeve

XIII.        Announcements

XIV.        Adjournment

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