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Academic Senate Agenda

February 14, 2006
3:00 PM, Annex

I.                   Call to Order: Meeting will call to order at 3:00 PM.

II.                Adopt Agenda

III.             Approve Minutes

IV.              Treasurerís Report

V.                 Public Comments (three minutes each)

VI.              Presidentís Report

VII.           First Vice Presidentís Report

VIII.        Committee Reports (three minutes max/per committee)†††††††††

IX.              ASHC Report

X.                 Classified Senate Report

XI.              HCFA Report

XII.           Discussion/Information Items (10 minutes max/each)

A.† Report on Resolution

B.† Student Policy Review Committee New Recommendations:

  1. Student Rights & Responsibilities and Grievance Procedures
  2. Incomplete Grade
  3. Basic Skills Pre-Collegiate Course Limitation
  4. Repetition of Course

C.† Academic Senate Election Procedures

D.† Recording of Classes and Faculty Rights

XIII.        Action Items

A.     Appointment of Joe Welch to the Full Time Faculty Hiring Committee from Occupational Education

B.     Appointment of Fred Echeverry to the Curriculum Committee from Occupational Education

C.     Appointment of† Alex Golomeic, Greg Perkins, Yvonne Reid to Screening Committee for Menís and Womenís Cross Country & Track Coach/PE Instructor

D.     Appointment of† Marilyn Andrews, Liz Estrella, Ann de Jesus Riley to Screening Committee for Political Science Instructor

XIV.        Announcements

A.     Institutional Planning Committee Recommendations for 2006-07 Planning & Budgeting Priorities

XV.           Adjournment