Academic Senate Agenda

February 27, 2007

3:00 PM,

Faculty Resource Center Training Room in Library



  1. Call to Order
  2. Adopt Agenda
  3. Approve Minutes

A.     Minutes of Jan. 30 and Feb. 23, 2007 meetings

  1. Public Comments
  2. Presidentís Report
  3. Vice Presidentís Report
  4. Student Senate Report
  5. Classified Senate Report
  6. HFCA Presidentís Report
  7. Committee Reports
  8. Discussion/Information Items

A.     Accreditation Minority Report

B.     Instructional Planning & Growth

C.     Enrollment Management Committee as shared governance committee

D.    SLO Committee as shared governance committee

E.     President's Planning/Budgeting Task Force

  1. Action Items

A.     Adoption of Role of Academic Senate in Enrollment Management position paper

B.     Resolution of support for CSUMB faculty

C.     Appointments to LVN/RN Instructor screening committee

a.      Mary Cousineau

b.      Nancy Schur

c.       Ignacio Pando

D.    Appointment to Staff Professional Development Committee

a.      Hetty Yelland

  1. Announcements
  2. Adjournment