Academic Senate Highlights

September 26, 2006


Public Comments:  Lourdes Villarreal presented the Senate with a resolution asking that the Senate investigate hiring practices, monitor the faculty selection process to insure irregularities are addressed, hold this as a discussion item at a future meeting, and meanwhile, table the appointment of a faculty peer.


President’s Report: President Jennifer Fellguth has attended the summer Leadership Institute, met with Dr. Valeau, attended College Council, met with Dr. Rose and ESL faculty about ESL assessment, met with Dr. Hoffman, and has spoken with state Academic Senate leadership about the possibility of technical support.  In short, she has lots of issues for the Senate to take on for the coming year—and it’s only the first meeting!


Action Items:  The Senate approved the following peers for non-tenured faculty and will take up the important hiring practices issues (from public comments) as a discussion item at a future meeting.

Bob Spier for Tony Anderson, 

Theresa Carbajal for Mitzi Nohr

Melissa Stave for Rachel Failano, Deborah Kazmar, and Yvonne Reid

Ann Wright for Barbara Durham, Jeff Hughey, and Alex Edens

Kelly Locke for Jim Riley, Leticia Contreras, and Nancy Schur

Susan Hovde for Mary Cousineau and Janeen Whitmore

Stelvio Locci for Aaron Szamos

Heidi Ramirez for Hetty Yelland

Yoshiko Matsushita Arao for Larry Adams

Stelvio Locci for Jeff Roth

Dan Petersen for Rhea Mendoza-Lewis

Kathy Mendelsohn for Bob Maffei

Ignacio Pando for LaVerne Cook

Lisa Storm for Lindsey Bertomen

Carol King for James Beck

Greg Perkins for Mohammed Hussain


The Senate approved the Distance Education Best Practices Document.  (see website)


The Senate approved Resolution 1.07 in support of the Hartnell Faculty.  (see website)


Discussion Items:  A number of items were referred to the Steering Committee for more work and will be brought back as action items at future Senate meetings.

1.  A resolution will be written about the appropriate use of student facilities in light of the Rotary Luncheon that was held in the library during library hours.  The luncheon disrupted student use of the facility with noise and blocked access to materials and the reference desk.  Student Senate is interested in a joint letter about this issue.


2.  A survey will be developed to assess the South County faculty’s needs and issues of concern.  One issue brought to the senate is inadequate hours for classes due to schedule conflicts with high school facilities and resulting class meeting cancellations. Another concern is inadequate access to classroom equipment since it is already in use by high school faculty.  A survey will be developed for South County full-time and adjunct faculty.  Email Jennifer if you have suggestions or South County issues you would like addressed.


3. Timelines for implementation of Information Competency, math competency and English competency requirements, as well as goals for ’06-’07 were tabled until the next meeting.  The next meeting will be a workshop for these items.


Peers for tenured faculty were presented as an information item.  (See website for list)