Academic Senate Highlights

November 8, 2005

Presidentís Report: Liz Estrella reported that the Dr. Valeau still wants the Senate to meet with administrators to discuss common goals, however he is unable to attend the November 22 meeting.† The Senate will invite the administrators to discuss goals at a meeting sometime in spring.

Many new resolutions were passed at the state level Academic Senate meeting held recently.† They are not yet available on the State Senate website, but stay tuned.†

First Vice Presidentís Report:† Theresa reported that the January flex days are being planned and she will request feedback from the Senate at the next meeting (11/22).

Discussion Items:† The Senate constitution is outdated and needs revision.† A subcommittee (Liz Estrella, Peggy Mayfield, Kelly Locke) will review the constitution and propose revisions.† To amend the constitution requires a vote of the entire faculty so sometime this year faculty will be seeing the revisions and have a chance to vote on them.

The Senate has attempted to collect information about governance committees on campus, e.g., who the members are, have they been appropriately appointed by the Academic Senate, when does the committee meet (if ever!), are the committee minutes posted (most are not), are there vacancies in the membership that the Senate needs to fill, etc.† Committee chairs have been invited to come to Senate meetings and report on their committees.† Although some committees have reported regularly, the overall response has been poor.† In addition, there are many ad hoc committees, work groups, task forces, and subcommittees that are not in the committee handbook and have not had members appointed by the Senate.† What work is being done on all these committees?† It was suggested that a resolution be developed that would address this problem.† The resolution will be brought for discussion to the November 22 meeting.

The Matriculation Report was presented for discussion.† It will be an action item for approval at the next meeting.†

Chris Myers brought the draft of the vision statement.† Senators felt that the language was vague and proposed revisions.† They will be taken back to the Institutional Planning Committee.

Action Items:† The Senate adopted Resolution 1.05.† To see it go to† click on Resolution 1.05.†

Bob Spier was appointed to Standard IV, Accreditation Committee.