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Academic Senate Minutes

October 25, 2005

3:00 PM, Annex

I. Call to Order: President Liz Estrella called the meeting to order at 3:10 pm.

Senators & Officers Present: Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Aurora Méndez, Jeff Roth, Peggy Mayfield, Maria Michael, Kelly Locke, Dan Petersen, Leti Contreras, Theresa Carbajal

Guests Present: Mohammad Hussain, Larry Carrier, Beverly Grova

II. Adoption of the Agenda: President Estrella requested an addition to the agenda. Under Action Items A, she asked that the Director of Enrollment Services be added as a voting member to the Curriculum Committee. J. Fellguth moved adoption of the revised agenda, and J. Roth seconded.  The vote was unanimous in favor.

III. Approval of the Minutes: The minutes were approved (J. Fellguth, D. Petersen).

IV. Public Comments:  None

V. President’s Report:  President Estrella reported that she has been attending the EMT meetings.  This team has been working to boost enrollments and improve student retention rates.  At a future Board of Trustees meeting, President Estrella along with the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and the Community College League of California will present to the Board information about shared governance.  L. Estrella suggested we revisit our Senate goals for this year, and continue to work towards completing them. Suggestions for revisions to the senate constitution will be discussed at the next meeting. 

VI. First Vice President’s Report: No report

VII. Committee Reports:

Accreditation:  J. Fellguth reported she is preparing a newsletter to inform the campus community about the work being done by various accreditation standards groups.

Budget:  Larry Carrier reported for the Budget Committee.  So far this committee has met twice this fiscal year. The committee meets on Wednesdays following Board meetings, and information is posted on the R drive.  Hartnell’s final budget will be about $40 million.  L. Carrier referred to Hartnell’s budget as a “rollover budget” and reallocation of the Block Grant funds is the task that the Budget Committee addresses.  Hartnell will receive block grant funding of $20,000-30,000, and the EMT group has requested some of this money.  L. Carrier responded to questions about the budget reserve, stating that currently Hartnell has about $4.2 million in reserve.  He said that by law 5% of budget expenditures must be kept in reserve.

Curriculum: There was no official report, but P. Mayfield passed on information from K. Mendelsohn.  BIO 1, 2, and 3 is being reviewed because of a math prerequisite change at the U.C.s. No decision has been reached. The Curriculum Committee has expressed the need to look more thoroughly at CurricuNET.

Facilities Planning:  No report

Faculty Hiring:  No report

VIII. ASHC Report:  No report

IX. ASHC Report: No report

X. HCFA Report: No report

XI. Discussion/Information Items:

  1. Update on Information Competency: Part II:  Senators discussed on how to proceed next with information competency.  It was suggested that the Academic Senate’s information competency proposal be forwarded to Dr. Valeau.  Then President Estrella and J. Fellguth will meet with the President to reach mutual agreement on this issue.
  1. Scenario 16 (from “Scenarios to Illustrate Effective Participation in District & College Governance”):  L. Estrella presented a scenario that dealt with the academic senate’s role in budget process changes.  Scenarios may be found on the Academic Senate for California Community College’s web site,
  1. CurricUNET: There was brief discussion about the costs of this curriculum software package.  Some senators thought that the purchase of this product should be delayed one year until the budget improves.
  1. Dean of Advancement and Development: Beverly Grova: B. Grova introduced herself to the Senate.  She has worked in development/fund-raising at Cabrillo, CSUMB, and the National Steinbeck Center.  She recently emailed college administrators, faculty and staff a survey to find out what the needs are at Hartnell.  A President’s task force will rank the results by likelihood of community funding, and then launch a fund-raising campaign.
  1. Campus Change Network:  Mohammad Hussain: M. Hussain and T. Carbajal reported on this group that is part of the California Tomorrow project.  Hartnell College is one of ten community colleges participating in this group that is working to improve access and equity for students of color.  Three faculty (M. Hussain, T. Carbajal, and C. O’Donnell) and three administrators (Dr. Hoffman, Dr. Valeau, and Dr. Romero) are the network team leaders. The Campus Change Network plans to bring together other campus diversity and equity committees, and a meeting has been scheduled for November 30, 2005 at 3-4:30 pm.  During Flex Days in January, the network hopes to present a program.
  1. Resolution on Board Policy 2005: L. Estrella:  President Estrella presented proposed Resolution 1.05 that relates to Board Policy 2005.  The Academic Senate asserts that the last sentence in Board Policy 2005 was not mutually agreed to by the Academic Senate, and it is out of compliance with Title 5.  This resolution will be an action item at the Senate’s November 8 meeting.

 XII. Action Items:

  1. Appointment of an additional Occupational Education faculty member to the Curriculum Committee, and to change the role of the Director of Enrollment Services on the Curriculum Committee from ex-officio to voting member:  K. Locke moved acceptance and D. Petersen seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous in favor. 
  2. Peer advisors for probationary faculty:  On a motion by K. Locke and seconded by A. Méndez, the following faculty peers were approved.
    1. James Beck—faculty peer: Marylu Stenbit
    2. Jessica Breheny—faculty peer: Maria Tabor
    3. Alejandra Gutierrez—faculty peer: Carol King
    4. Rhea Mendoza-Lewis—faculty peer: Dan Petersen
    5. Maria Michael—faculty peer: Carol King
    6. Heidi Ramirez—faculty peer: Dan Petersen
    7. Hetty Yelland—faculty peer: Melissa Reeve

XIII. Announcements:  J. Roth reported that the Career Preparation Committee is currently inactive. 

XIV. Adjournment:  K. Locke moved adjournment of the meeting and D. Petersen seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:48 pm