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Academic Senate Minutes

November 8, 2005
3:00 PM, Annex

I. Call to Order: President Liz Estrella called the meeting to order at 3:16 pm.

Senators & Officers Present: Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Aurora Méndez, Jeff Roth, Peggy Mayfield, Maria Michael, Kelly Locke, Leticia Contreras, Theresa Carbajal, Phil Adams

Guests Present: Chris Myers, Stelvio Locci

II. Adoption of the Agenda: J. Fellguth moved adoption, K. Locke seconded. The vote was unanimous in favor.

III. Approval of the Minutes: The minutes were approved (J. Fellguth, K. Locke).

IV. Treasurer’s Report: P. Mayfield distributed a summary of the Senate budget accounts, expenditures, and balances. There was some discussion about the need to move more money into the memberships account because Hartnell’s membership in the statewide Senate was not paid last year, and this year we will pay for two years of membership.

V. Public Comments: None

VI. President’s Report: President Estrella reported on her meeting with Dr. Valeau. He is not available to attend the Senate meeting on November 22. He would like to meet with the Senate to pursue one or two items that we can work on together. Since the November 22 meeting is the last meeting of the semester, the Senate will work on this in the spring. At the next meeting Senators will suggest different options. Dr. Valeau expressed enthusiasm for the information competency proposal. Information competency might be one of the items that we work on together. C. McCreight gave President Estrella a flowchart, “Governing Board Policy Review Process.”

VII. First Vice President’s Report: T. Carbajal reported that January Flex Day
activities are being planned. She will request Senate feedback at the November 22

VIII. Committee Reports:
A. Curriculum: K. Mendelsohn reported that BIO 1,2, & 3 and SPA 3S were approved by the Curriculum Committee at the November 3 meeting. About 15-20 course outlines are going through Tech Review right now. K. Mendelsohn stated that Jim Butler is an alternate on the Curriculum Committee, so he will not be replaced by another faculty member from his division (as reported in the October 11, 2005 minutes). M. Reeve discussed Student Learning Outcomes at the Curriculum Meeting, and distributed a form that might be used at the course level to show intended outcomes, assessment, assessment results and use. Discussion and action will take place at a future meeting. CurricuNET continues to be a topic of discussion.
B. Facilities Planning, Dr. Stan Crane: No report
C. Institutional Planning, Dr. Chris Myers: Institution Planning Committee is co-chaired by Dr. Myers and David Beymer. Faculty serving on the committee include D. Beymer, B. Rawson, C. Thole, E. Bosler, and J. Sword. Dr. Myers passed out committee goals for 2005-2006. After reviewing the goals, President Estrella expressed some concern because determining the processes for institutional planning is one of the shared governance items of the Academic Senate.
D. Matriculation, Dr. Stelvio Locci: Dr. Locci reported for the Matriculation
Committee. The committee works on updating and revising the Matriculation
Plan that is submitted to the Chancellor’s Office. Matriculation includes
admissions, assessment, orientation, counseling, and follow up.
E. Program & Services Review, Dr. Allan Hoffman: No report
F. Sabbatical Leave, Dr. Allan Hoffman: No report

IX. ASHC Report: No report

X. Classified Senate Report: No report

XI. HCFA Report: Dr. Locci reported that the union is not yet certified in fact-finding.
This action may happen in January, and he will be presenting on behalf of the union.

XII. Discussion/Information Items
A. Constitution update suggestions: It was suggested that a subcommittee be appointed to recommend changes to the constitution. K. Locke offered to be historian. P. Mayfield and L. Estrella also volunteered to serve.
B. Shared Governance Committees: President Estrella expressed frustration over the poor communication between the Senate and campus committees. The Senate is responsible for confirming appointments of all faculty to all committees. Established protocols are not being followed, and committees (also called subcommittees and working groups) are circumventing the Senate approval process. Committee chairs have been requested to report at Academic Senate meetings, but response has not been good. There is no current master list of committees and committee members. Discussion about how to resolve this problem resulted in a suggestion that a resolution be written to address this issue. A proposed resolution will be presented at the next meeting.
C. Scenario 20: L. Estrella presented a scenario dealing with issues around the hiring process and hiring new faculty. Scenarios may be found on the Academic Senate for California Community College’s web site,
D. Revised Vision Statement: Chris Myers presented a revised vision statement. The Senators provided feedback and offered suggestions for changes to the vision statement.
E. Budget Committee Goals: President Estrella presented concerns about the Budget Committee goals. The Academic Senate has the responsibility to work with administration to establish the processes for budget development. Currently this is not happening.
F. Matriculation Report: Dr. Stelvio Locci presented the report and responded to questions. Suggestions were offered for additions to the report including a definition of matriculation, expenditures, and a budget.

XIII. Action Items
A. Senate Resolution 1.05: K. Locke moved that the resolution be approved; J. Fellguth seconded the motion. The motion unanimously carried.
B. Appointment of Bob Spier to Standard IV, Accreditation Committee: T. Carbajal moved approval; J. Fellguth seconded. The motion unanimously carried.

XIV. Announcements: None

XV. Adjournment: Phil Adams moved that the meeting adjourn; Maria Michael seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 5:06 pm.