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Academic Senate Minutes

Academic Senate Minutes

September 27, 2005

3:00 PM, Annex

I.                   Call to Order: President Liz Estrella called the meeting to order at 3:12 pm.

Senators & Officers Present: Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Phil Adams, Aurora Méndez, Leticia Contreras, Dan Petersen, Jeff Roth, Peggy Mayfield, Theresa Carbajal

Guests Present: Kathy Mendelsohn, Melissa Reeve, Margie Wiebusch

II.                Adoption of the Agenda: J. Fellguth moved adoption of the agenda; A. Méndez seconded.

III.             Approval of the Minutes: P. Adams moved approval of the minutes; D. Petersen seconded.

IV.              Public Comments:  None

V.                 President’s Report:  L. Estrella reported that our state Academic Senate dues were not paid last year, and $1,200 is due.  This amount will be paid out of this year’s Academic Senate budget along with this year’s dues.  At the next Academic Senate meeting there will be a financial report. The Student Policies Review Committee needs a faculty representative.  If faculty would like to serve, contact President Estrella.  J. Fellguth was thanked for updating the Academic Senate’s web site.  L. Estrella reminded faculty to participate in the accreditation self-study employee survey that is on the web.  President Estrella signed off on the Hurricane Katrina petition.  L. Estrella will not be able to give a presentation about shared governance at the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting. She received a memo from Dr. Valeau about the last sentence in Board Policy 2005 that has been questioned (“The Board reserves the right not to accept recommendations.”).  The Senate will continue to research and investigate this matter.

VI.              First Vice President’s Report: No report

VII.           Committee Reports:

Curriculum: K. Mendelsohn reported that the “Intro to Online Learning” course was approved as a 139 course at the September 15 Curriculum Committee meeting.  She also reported that the following motion carried:  “The director of Enrollment Management, currently an ex-officio member of the Curriculum committee, be awarded voting status on the curriculum Committee; in addition, faculty membership will be increased by one member. The Senate will make the appointment to ensure fair area representation based on an analysis of current faculty assignments per area.” In addition, K. Mendelsohn reported that the topic of student learning outcomes is a standing Curriculum Committee agenda item and there is ongoing discussion about the process. Also, the Committee is continuing to investigate using CurricUNET and has been asked to generate questions for the publisher regarding community college users, satisfaction level, training time, Chancellor’s Office support, stability of the publisher, etc.

Diversity:   L. Estrella reported that the Diversity Committee has met, and is focusing on accreditation. 

Student Policies Review Committee: L. Estrella reported that the committee is currently checking policies in the college catalog.

VIII.        ASHC Report: No report

IX.              Classified Senate Report:  President Wiebusch reported on joint fundraising efforts with the Student Senate.  So far they have raised $5,000 towards their $10,000 goal for Hurricane Relief.  Future fundraising activities include a possible concert with the Chicano All Stars on October 15, with a barbeque before the concert.  The Senate is also planning a Harvest Festival on Halloween, a Christmas project to benefit children in the Hurricane area, and a spring in-service, “What Were You Born to Do?”

X.                 HCFA Report: President Svendsen was not present, but T. Carbajal reported on the Board of Trustees Candidates’ Forum on Thursday, October 6, 2005 from 6:00-8:00 pm in HCC116. J. Fellguth will moderate. 

XI.              Discussion/Information Items:

A.     Campus Change Network:  Mohammad Hussain:  No Report

B.     Student Learning Outcomes Assessment:  M. Reeve reported that the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Workgroup would like to become a shared governance committee.  Currently the workgroup is an ad-hoc committee with no formal status.  There was discussion about the process of becoming a shared governance committee.  M. Reeve has requested time during the January flex days to address student learning outcomes. 

XII.           Action Items:

A.     Resumption of Senate Highlights: The Senate unanimously voted (J. Fellguth/D. Petersen) to have K. Locke write and email Senate Highlights to the Hartnell faculty.

B.     CalWorks Program Plan:  J. Roth presented Hartnell’s draft CalWorks Plan. If faculty have suggestions and feedback for the plan, please email him ( 

C.     Academic Senate Goals for 2005-2006:  The Senate voted to approve (A. Méndez/J. Fellguth) the following goals: 

1.      Update parts of the Academic Senate Constitution

2.      Provide an orientation to the Academic Senate

3.      Develop an Academic Senate Handbook

4.      Investigate, research, and report on the status of Information Competency; pursue Information Competency as a graduation requirement

5.      Improve communication with the Governing Board

6.      Update Committee Handbook so that listings for faculty committee assignments are current

7.      Resume emailing Senate Highlights

D.     Hartnell’s 85th Anniversary Ball:  At the September 13 meeting Hartnell dance instructor, Megan Morais, submitted a request by memo for financial assistance. P. Mayfield moved that the Academic Senate donate $100 from the budget to help support the dance club, Centrifugal Dance Force, and their 85th Anniversary Ball.  After discussion the motion was seconded and approved.

E.      Approval of Faculty to Committees:  Jennifer Lagier Fellguth was approved (Mayfield/Roth) to serve on the Technology Master Planning Committee and as the new faculty accreditation coordinator. 

XIII.        Announcements:  None.

XIII.   Adjournment:  P. Mayfield moved that the meeting be adjourned, and A. Méndez

           seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

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