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Welcome to Physical Education and Athletics at Hartnell College

Division Administrative Assistant: Joanne Trevino
Office Location: PE 1045
Phone: 755-6884

The Discipline provides the opportunity for individuals and groups to learn skills, develop total fitness, and participate in activities that provide carry over interests, physiological results, and wholesome social interchange. Students are advised that proficiency examinations in most activity areas are frequently required.

Four-year graduates in Physical Education, and Athletics qualify for employment in private industry and recreational agencies and are prepared to seek teaching credentials in elementary or secondary education.

Director Athletics and Physical Education

Dan Teresa
Office: Pe 115
Phone: 755-6837

Counselor - Athletics and Physical Education

Rich Givens
Office: Pe 114B
Phone: 755-6840

Faculty Athletics and Physical Education

Larry Mankins
David Beymer
Matt Collins
Ellie Love
Daniel Ortega
Melissa Stave
Andy Vasher
Andy Watt

Additional Information

Associate Degree Requirements & Course Descriptions
Associate Degree Requirements & Course Descriptions are available in the Online Catalog which can be viewed as a PDF file. This requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader available here.

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Instructor Web Pages and Syllabi
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