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Welcome to Counseling at Hartnell College

The field of Counseling also incorporates General Studies, Transfer Studies and Liberal Studies.

Faculty and Counselors

Tony Anderson(Matriculation/ReEntry)
Gabriel Bravo(GEAR-UP)
Theresa Carbajal(DSPS)
Maria Castillo(Transfer)
LaVerne Cook(General)
Lee Ann Emanuel(DSPS)
Dr. Stelvio Locci(Matriculation/ESL)
Millicent Madrigal(EOPS)
Cathy Noble((DSPS)
Mitzi Nohr((EOPS)
Dr. Ignacio Pando(General)
Robert Spier(General)
Aron Szamos((Transfer)
Additional Information

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Instructor Web Pages and Syllabi
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Courses offered in this discipline are offered by counselors to: (1) assist students in making a successful adjustment to college, (2) develop academic and career plans and goals, (3) acquire learning skills, (4) obtain job-seeking skills and employment, and (5) develop interpersonal skills for life and work.

General Studies

General Studies is a major providing a student with the opportunity to select from a broad range of courses offered in General Education toward the fulfillment of his or her unique educational pursuit. Students are afforded the opportunity to choose a program of study based on in-depth exploration in a single discipline or to develop an education plan based on selections from a liberal range interdisciplinary courses. This type of major is offered at many institutions under the Liberal Arts Degree title.

Transfer Studies

Transfer Studies is a major emphasizing preparation for transfer to the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), or both at the same time. This major provides the student with the general education coursework articulated to California's UC or CSU colleges which fulfills the lower-division general education or breadth requirements for graduation from these institutions. This major also will allow a certification of completion for the receiving institution for verification that the General Education (GE) or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) has been completed. Many students are advised to additionally articulate their lower division major courses which must be reviewed on an individual basis with each student and his or her corresponding transfer institution. Strict grade point average requirements also exist at most transfer institutions and must be reviewed carefully with a counselor. The specific year CSU GE or IGETC may be found in the current year catalogue or in the Counseling Division offices.

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary A.A. Degree. The A.A. Degree in Liberal Studies is designed for students who desire the broadest possible liberal education: (1) as a preparation for teaching all subjects in the elementary school classroom; (2) as an alternative approach to careers in business; (3) as a preparation for entry into professional schools in the health sciences law, ministry, etc.; (4) and as a source of personal growth and development.

Students may also use the Liberal Studies major to prepare for transfer to California State University San Jose, CSU Sacramento, Cal Poly SLO, and CSU Fresno. Students preparing to transfer to other institutions should consult with a Hartnell College counselor. General Education transfer requirements are met by completion of this A.A. Degree. Transfer institutions generally require that students earn a grade of "C" or better in each course within the Liberal Studies Major.