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Guaranteed Schedule of Classes!


What does guaranteed schedule mean? It means that every single class contained in the printed schedule is guaranteed to be offered. Current financial constraints have forced community colleges to limit their educational offerings. This schedule offers fewer classes than were offered last year but is designed to provide general education and major requirements.

Why are you doing this?  It’s our promise to you, the student, that we will do what we say we are going to do. If we say we will offer the class you need to take on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m., and you change your schedule and your life so that you can take that class, we won’t pull it out at the last minute.

What if I’d rather take it on Wednesday mornings? You should check the schedule to see it that is an option, as many of our courses are offered in multiple sections at different locations. But, if we guarantee Tuesday evening, sorry, that is not a guarantee for Wednesday morning.

Is this schedule final? It is final in the sense that you can rely on the fact that every class that is contained in the printed schedule will be offered. However, we hope to be able to respond to demand by adding sections after the guaranteed sections fill.

Does that mean I could just say I want any class at any time, and you’d create a schedule just for me?  Well . .  ah . .  no! But you sound like someone who might like to check out our online courses, since there is often a bit more flexibility there. We’re not offering individualized schedules to suit everyone’s particular needs. But we ARE offering you an early opportunity to make arrangements to be able to plan your life around the schedule. You can count on this schedule.

To reserve your seat in any class for which you meet the prerequisites, register early and pay all fees before the deadline of July 16, 2012. Students who have not paid before that deadline will be dropped and the seats will be made available for other students.