Hartnell College is committed to providing equal access to technology and information. In order to ensure the accessibility of online materials, including webpages, video, audio, and other media, we have committed to the following:

Request Accessible Media

Despite every attempt to make our content accessible, we recognize that there may be historical documents that may not be fully accessible to all users. As part of our committment to providing equal access, we will be happy to provide accessible versions of this content upon request.

Report Accessibility Issues

Help us improve the accessibility of our website by reporting accessibility issues. We will work quickly to resolve the issue.

Who to contact

Web Administrator
Phone: 831-759-6003
E - College Administration (South)
Office: 113
Building: E - College Administration (South)
Instructional Technologist & LMS Administrator
Phone: (831) 755-6776
A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Office: 128
Building: Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)