Academy for College Excellence (ACE)

The Academy for College Excellence (ACE) is a nationally-recognized program that has shown significant reults.  No matter what your current abilities are, in just one semester you will discover new skills and techniques to successfully complete your educational goals.  Independent evaluations show that ACE students, following their semester in the ACE Program, accelerate their academic success obtaining more units and successfully completing college courses.

ACE teaches you skills that stay with you for life.  You learn skills taught to professionals in today's leading companies.  ACE students are supported by learning community cohort.  ACE curriculum utilizes student teams to research community issues and develop action plans for change.

ACE helps you choose and prepare for a career you'll enjoy and find rewarding.  Students who have completed the program have gone on to complete courses that prepare them for high paying careers in fields like healthcare, business, criminal justice, engineering, social work, computers and other fields.

If you haven't been in school for a while or think you want to associate with a community of successful full-time students then please look into the ACE Program.

Education classes offered in ACE Program:

EDU 110: Foundations of Success (first two weeks only)

EDU 111:  Team Self-Management


Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

In accordance with its mission of ensuring that all students shall have equal access to a quality education and the opportunity to pursue and achieve their goals, it is also the college's responsibility to ensure that the students who graduate with an AA or AS degree should be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

Communication Skills

Students will demonstrate reading comprehension and expository writing skills at a college level.

Information Skills

Students will define information needs, access information efficiently and effectively, evaluate information critically, and use information ethically.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Students will use quantitative and logical resoning to analyze information, evaluate idea, and solve problems.

Global Awareness

Students will demonstrate knowledge of global interdependence; other values, cultures and beliefs; and the ability to describe one's own cultural heritage.

Aesthetic Appreciation

Students will critically reflect upon works of visual and performing arts in a diverse cultural context.

Personal Growth and Responsibility

  • Students will select lifestyle choices that promote physical and mental well-being.
  • Students will demonstrate the importance of being an informed, ethical, and active citizen in their community and the world.


Who to contact

Program Assistant
Phone: 831.755.6723
D - College Administration (North)
Office: 383
Building: College Administration (North)