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Hartnell College Cafeteria

The newly renovated and redesigned Cafeteria is located in the College Center. Inside is a wide variety of food and drinks, including "Peet’s Coffee" where hot and cold drinks are made to order, and the aptly named smoothie bar, “Blend.”

The Steinbeck Hall dining room provides seating for 250 and, in the Commons area, seating for an additional 200 is available. Work and surf with Wi-Fi throughout.

Catering for the campus community is also available. Please contact us for information.

Students may use their ASHC Student Body Card as a debit card in the cafeteria to pay for meals. Vending machines are also located throughout campus.

We are here to serve and support Hartnell College students, faculty, and staff.  We want to work with you to fully understand your requirements.  Please do not hesitate to call upon us and offer any comments or suggestions that may assist us in achieving our goals.  We can be reached by calling (831) 755-6000.

Jill Sweeney
Food Services Manager