Alternative Transportation

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Public Transit



Public Transit



Public Transit



Public Transit



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Is there scheduled service that works for you?


Thousands of commuters with various work and school schedules use public transit every day. Some transit lines also provide extended hours for late-night travel. MST’s Line 20 Monterey-Salinas and Line 23 Salinas-King City stop right at Hartnell College’s “front door” and Line 48 now serves as a connection between Hartnell College, the Salinas Transit Center, and Hartnell College’s Alisal Campus.


How much will it cost to ride?


 Nothing when you board at Hartnell with a valid Student ID!


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Transit is almost always cheaper than driving alone considering expenses for gas, parking, maintenance and insurance.


MST fares vary with the distance you travel. Fares for Local routes will cost $1.50 ($.75 discount); Primary routes will cost $2.50 ($1.25 discount); Regional routes cost $3.50 ($1.75 discount); and Commuter routes will cost $12.00 ($6.00 discount). Stop by the Hartnell College cashier’s office for discount pass information.

Discount fare for:

  • 18 years and under
  • 65 years and older
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Medicare Card holders
  • Active duty military

The Associated Students of Hartnell College have implemented a FREE Fair Zone for MST lines that stop at the college.


CSUMB’s Alternate Transportation Program


Description: C:\Documents and Settings\hartnell\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\1FHJ3QG7\MC900053034[1].wmfCSUMB's Alternative Transportation Program, where Otters go to trip wisely. Join us in saving money on transportation while helping to keep the environment a clean place at the same time.


Don’t know where or when to catch the bus?


Call MST toll-free at 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871) or visit MST for bus route, stop and schedule information.
























Why should I bike?


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Biking is a fun and healthy way to get to school, to work, to transit stops, to your carpool pick-up point, or to run errands.


Once you’ve arrived on bike at Hartnell, you’ll find that you can park closer to most classrooms and offices. Cable locks are easily broken or cut, so always lock your bike’s frame to a bike rack using a U-Lock. A cable should also be used to secure both wheels.


Commute Alternatives can provide you with cycling tips, route choices, and bike maps to help you plan your trips. Bike racks are provided on all MST buses and bicycle maps make it easy to find the best route and for additional resources visit


To save more money by getting discounts (HER Helmets Thursdays) when you ride your bike and to find out about local cycling activities visit Bicycling Monterey at



Bicycle Maps


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Monterey County Bike Paths and Routes

Monterey County Bike Map (TAMC)

City of Salinas (English)

City of Salinas (Spanish)

South Monterey County

North Monterey County

Fort Ord Public Lands (BLM)

Santa Cruz County Bikeway Map




Do bad drivers have you worried?


Visit the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Education site for instructional videos, smart cycling tips, and information about vehicular cycling classes offered by League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors.



Do bad roads have you worried?


Description: MC900280815[1]A service request form is available to all cyclists or anyone wishing to report a roadway condition affecting cyclists in Monterey County.


The Transportation Agency for Monterey County will forward this report to the appropriate public works agency with maintenance responsibilities.












Why worry about the hassle of trying to find a parking spot and being late for class?

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Walk to school! If you live only a few miles away, walking is much more convenient than driving. It’s also a great form of exercise; you’ll save money, and arrive at school relaxed and stress free. Not only will you help the environment by not driving, you’ll get in your recommended daily dose of exercise!


How walkable is your community? Find out your area’s WALK SCORE!


Visit Commute Alternatives for more information about walking.


Need to get in shape for your walk to Hartnell?


Hartnell’s state of the art track provides a convenient opportunity for you to take a walk on breaks, during lunch, or before and after work/classes.













What are the advantages of Carpooling?

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You will save money on gas and parking by sharing the driving costs among two or more commuters. Carpooling is also one of the most flexible commute alternatives around.


Whether a carpool or a vanpool, ridesharing is a convenient and flexible way to commute while saving money and the environment. Let Commute Alternatives assist you in finding a match for your travel patterns! Call 422-POOL.


Visit Commute Alternatives for more information or to find a carpool partner,

use their Ridematch Service and for additional resources visit


Carpool Parking


Hartnell currently offers eight carpool only parking spaces on the ground level of the parking structure. Stop by the cashier’s office in the CAB with a completed Carpool Parking Application for your FREE Carpool parking permit.



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Rideshare Rewards!

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Is Ridesharing making an impact at Hartnell?




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In the last year alone, Hartnell saw a reduction of over 1,500 single occupant vehicle trips!



See more of the results Below!



Emergency Guaranteed Ride Home (EGRH)


Description: C:\Documents and Settings\hartnell\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\2TKZZR5K\MC900413566[1].wmfCommute Alternatives guarantees alternative transportation users a ride home in the event of an emergency. The EGRH program is available to commuters who live or work in Monterey County and who carpool, vanpool, take the bus, ride a bicycle, or walk to work at least one day a week. The EGRH Program will pay for a FREE taxi ride home if there’s an emergency. You must be registered to participate, so call (831) 422-POOL to receive sign-up information and eligibility requirements.


For more information, download a free brochure from Commute Alternatives.




The Hartnell College Alternative Transportation Committee (ATC)


The ATC promotes alternatives to the drive-alone to work/school/home commute of students, staff, and faculty at Hartnell College by facilitating economic and ecological judiciousness while encouraging a healthful college community.


Contact Frank Henderson by email at or phone (831) 755-6738 for more information.