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Hartnell College Marketing and Communications

There are many ways we can help you promote your Hartnell College Announcements and Events!

Twitter - By submitting one simple tweet, your news and events might qualify for posting to our Facebook and MySpace pages and may even be published on our home page and on the Main Campus marquee! Select Twitter on the left to get started now!

Homepage - The Homepage has many areas in which to advertise News and Events. Select The Homepage on your left to learn how the homepage informational areas are populated.

Events Calendar - Every department on campus should designate someone to add their department's events to the Campus Main Events Calendar, it's easy and fast - email the webmaster@hartnell.edu today and get trained in just about 15 minutes!

Marquee - The Hartnell College Marquee is located on the main campus on the corner of Alisal and Homestead. Marquee Events are selected from the events calendar. Not all events get added to the marquee but many do! The first step in getting your events to the marquee is making sure your events are uploaded to the Events Calendar. Select Events Calendar on the left for more information.

Press Releases - If you have an event or a news item that you would like to get publicity for, please contact Terri Pyer in Human Resources. Terri can be reached via email at tpyer@hartnell.edu

Facebook and Myspace - Yes, Hartnell College does have a Facebook Page and a MySpace account! Both of these sites are currently being fed News and Events from our Twitter account! Submit your tweet today, select Twitter on the left to get started!