2-Dimensional Artwork Category:

The Diamond Hotel

By Peter Clarkson


Peter Clarkson NASA Painting.jpg





Literature Category:

Luna’s Reality

By Phoebe Dake


Oh how I dream

To venture outside of Maria,

To experience the highlands,

But thus I’m stuck in this void…


Half of my life,

I have inhabited the moon,

Stared out the windows,

And have been tempted to feel the outside.


Hence it is forbidden

To explore the unknown.

‘Tis a sad thing really

To be trapped

In a fake atmosphere.


Just to feel the

Regolith on my fingers..

The sensation of something real,

The dust of the moon.



You are my best friend,

You are real,

Unlike this shield around me.


The elites tell us

It is beyond ruthless

Out in the unknown.

It will steal your soul

And leave you lifeless.


Lifeless I shall be

To feel something real

Once again…

Out into the unknown on the far side.





3-Dimensional Artwork Category:

2018 We’re Back!

2nd Place Winner!

By Victor Zarate