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Hartnell College Men's  Basketball

Men’s Basketball Philosophy

Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.
We believe in teaching our staff and student/athletes the what, how, when and why of everything we do, on and off the court. This allows them to understand every aspect of our program and it becomes their program. We want to create a feeling of ownership in them.  We want to empower them to have the confidence to be high achievers in all that they do.

Being worthy of their supreme effort.
We want to be worthy to be able to ask for supreme effort from our student/athletes. This can only be done when we give that type of effort first to them. This means recruiting quality student/athletes and people to our program. Developing player development programs for each student to improve their fundamental skill, strength and conditioning, extra time after practice. Implementing academic programs to aid their success, creating opportunities for growth through service in community, teaching and developing leadership skills. Organized and intense practices, organized and thorough game preparation. Putting in the time to get to know them as people and students. Most importantly to have them understand that we are here to help them prepare for the successful and happy life after Hartnell.

The quick and sound execution of fundamentals wins games.
We want our students to take pride in the fundamentals of their game (passing, catching, setting screens, cutting, defensive stance, communicating on the court, blocking out).
We want our coaches to teach fundamental principles to our students. We want them to use correct principles in all aspects of our programs. Everyone must work hard to improve their fundamental skills. As each student does this throughout the year, our team will improve synergistically.

Those that work the hardest are the last to surrender.
We believe in hard work. We sell this concept to everyone in our program, students and staff. They work hard enough that they can look themselves in the mirror and know they deserve to win because no one works harder than they do. This knowledge builds tremendous confidence in our student/athletes.

Simplicity breeds intensity.
We want our coaches to keep things well organized yet uncomplicated. We believe by teaching principles and rules to our student/athletes, we empower them to be in an attack mode and use their strengths to achieve success at a higher level.

You get what you tolerate.
We believe in personal responsibility and accountability, for our program, our coaches and our students. We want our students to leave our program knowing they control their ability to be a success on and off the court.

 Philosophical Conclusion
We must prepare our students for competition at the highest level. Information is power. We are constantly trying to put this information into a meaningful form for our students. We believe in simplicity with detail. We invest in a simple approach, but underneath, it is a complicated system. This is the style of leadership we build throughout the Men’s Basketball program