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Hartnell College Women's  Volleyball

Student Bio for Vickie Cervantes

Vickie Cervantes
Height:   5 foot 8
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Child Psychology
Hometown:   Salinas, CA.
High School:   Salinas High School
Position:   Opposite / Outside Hitter
Birth Place:   Monterey, CA.
Biography:   I have an older sister who currently attends Hartnell College and plays of the Soccer team. My little brother plays football at Salinas High School. In the future I would like to minor in psychology and major in kinesiology. I would prefer to go either up north to Sacramento or down south to continue my schooling.
Hobbies:   Playing volleyball, group messages with my teammates, listening to JBOOG and music in general, and sleeping
Favorite Movies:   Burlesque, Despicable Me, White Chicks, Step Brothers, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook
Favorite Athletes:   Mia Hamm
Favorite Foods:   Nutella with banana
Parents:   Elias Guadalupe
Albert Cervantes