Become a Tutor, PLTL or SI Leader

Interested in becoming a Tutor, PLTL or SI Leader?

To become a Learning Support tutor, Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) or Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader at Hartnell student must meet the following qualifications: current enrollment at Hartnell College, another Community College, or University, completion of at least one full-time semester at Hartnell College and in good academic standing, a grade point average of at least 2.5 (3.0 preferred), a screening interview with the Tutorial Services Coordinator or the program manager, and a faculty recommendation.

Tutors and Peer-Led Team Learning Leaders earn from $13.00 - $15.29 an hour, while SI Leaders earn $13.00 - $18.93 an hour and receive priority registration as a continuing SI Leaders.  Job Descriptions are available at the bottom of this page. Volunteers are also encouraged to apply for unpaid positions.

Tutors, PLTL and SI Leaders are required to complete training (INS 250) during their first semester of employment. Use the Tutor Training tab on the left to learn more about the training.


Panther Lab and Drop-in


Math Academy


Reading and Writing  Academy


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Leaders



Apply at any of the links on the left

Apply anytime, but most new tutors are interviewed, selected, and hired by the end of the second week of each semester.

Apply near the end of the semester prior to the Academy when registration opens for the Academy students (end of spring for Summer Academy, end of fall for Winter Academy) The Academy instructors choose their tutors before the semester concludes.

Apply by the end of the prior semester (end of spring for fall, end of fall for spring), the deadline for applications is the first week of each semester. You must be referred by an instructor who wants you as his or her SI Leader.

Apply by the end of the prior semester (end of spring for fall, end of fall for spring), the deadline for applications is the first week of each semester. You must be referred by an instructor who wants you as his or her PLTL Leader.





$13.00 - $15.29

+ paid training

$13.00 - $15.29

+ paid training

$13.00 - $18.93 + paid training and priority registration for continuing SI Leaders 

$13.00 - $15.29

+ paid training

Main Campus Learning Support


Tutors for most subjects like ASL, English, Math, Spanish, Business, etc.

Math Academy Tutors for MAT up to 3A

Reading and Writing Academy

ESL Institute Tutors

SI Leaders for BIO, CHEM, ENG, ESL, CHM, and MAT and more 

PLTL Leaders for BIO, CHEM, CSS, ENG, ESL, CHM, and MAT and more 


King City Center and

Alisal Campus


Tutors for English, math, and other subjects. Group Tutors for English, ESL, and math SI Leaders for English and math

PLTL Leaders for CSS, English and math


For further information, visit the Tutorial Services, located in the A214 (Building A), call 755-6738 or email

Tutor and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Training

A model** tutor and supplemental instruction (SI) leader training and development program that offers two distinctive levels of training: Introduction to Tutoring and SI Leader Training. The course offers learning activities for those working for Learning Support Services as well as in other programs such as ACCESS, MESA, CSIT-in-3, HEP and ACE by introducing a variety of topics through lectures, videos, role play, the internet, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations. Students are given the opportunity to clarify, discuss, demonstrate, and apply the information and training specific to their discipline in a group setting. Hartnell tutors and SI Leaders are required to complete this training, but any students interested in receiving training for personal interest or in order to increase their chances of being selected as a tutor can enroll in INS 250 (Tutor Training) or contact the Tutorial Services Coordinator for more information.

A model** External Evaluation Report, The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Western Association of Schools and Colleges, March 2013

Tutorial Services Job Descriptions

Tutorial Ambassador SW-I

Drop-in Peer Tutor SW-II

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Leader SW-II

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Leader SW-III

Academy or Group Tutor SW-III

Supplemental Instruction Leader SW-III

Supplemental Instruction Leader SW-IV



Who to contact

Tutorial Services Coordinator
Phone: (831) 755-6738 or 6815
A - Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Office: A213-214
Building: Library/Learning Resource Center (LRC)