The Biology program offers courses that are intended to create interest and enrichment through the study of living organisms and the basic biological principles. The major courses provide a strong background in the biological sciences for students transferring to four-year institutions who are interested in careers such as agriculture, health, research, and teaching. Prerequisite courses for nursing and other allied health programs are also offered. For detailed requirements for individual four-year institutions, students should contact the transfer institution and/or meet with a counselor for specific transfer course requirements in their major. Students can also access major and transfer information for California State Universities and University of California at



Biology Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Biology program, a student should be able to:

  • apply the scientific method to problem solving, devising a research plan, and evaluating data and findings.
  • describe the structure and function of biological molecules, cells and organelles, and tissues and organ systems of plants and animals.
  • apply the principles of heredity at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels.
  • explain the mechanism and evidence of evolution through natural selection.
  • apply taxonomic principles to the classification of organisms.
  • describe the flow of energy within organisms and within ecosystems.

Biology Faculty & Staff

Instructional Staff

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Isabel Ferraris
Dominic Gregorio
Michele Guido
Katherine Harris
Robin Hayes
Dr. Jon Hubbard
Kim Kiest
Derrick Lavoie
Alicia Steinhardt
Mary Touton