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Board Policies

1010 Annual Organizational Meeting and Officers of the Board

Each year,at its December meeting, the Governing Board shall, pursuant to Education Code Section 72000, hold an organizational meeting and swear in new members if applicable.  The terms of these officers as well as the term of service of newly elected members shall begin on the first Friday after the first Tuesday in December. At such annual organizational meeting, the Board shall elect from its members the following officers:

---        President
---        Vice President
---        Other officers as the Governing Board may from time to time designate

The Superintendent/President will serve as Secretary of the Governing Board.  The Secretary will perform the following duties:

a.      Prepare Board meeting agendas in consultation with the Board President.
b.      Have prepared, for adoption, minutes of Board minutes.
c.      Maintain a classified index of minutes and exhibits of documents.
d.      Attend all Board meetings or assign a designee.
e.      Attend all Board committee meetings, except closed sessions to assess the performance and/or consider the contract of the Superintendent/President.
f.       Sign, when legally possible, all documents which would otherwise require the signature of the Superintendent/President and/or Clerk of the Board.


Reference:       Education Code 72000
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 1010; adopted 10-20-81)
Revised and Adopted:  10-1-85, 7-2-91, 11-3-92, 5-4-98; 7-1-08