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Board Policies

1100 Meeting Attendance

A member of the Governing Board may receive direct remuneration for attending meetings of the Board in accordance with Education Code 72425 which states that in any community college district in which the FTES for the prior college year was 10,000 or less, but more than 1,000, each member who actually attends all meetings held by the board may receive, as compensation for his or her services, a sum not to exceed two hundred forty dollars ($240) in any month.

If a member is not able to attend all meetings in a particular month, the member may receive as compensation for services, an amount not greater than a pro-rata share of the meetings actually held.

Members absent from meetings may, nonetheless, be compensated for attendance as authorized by Section 72425 when the member is, at the time of the meeting, performing district services or is ill or on jury duty or suffering a hardship deemed acceptable to the Board. To warrant the payment of compensation under these conditions, a resolution shall be adopted finding one or more of the above conditions to exist, and such resolution shall be included in board minutes Compensation for absences due to performance of district services, jury duty, illness or hardship shall be limited to two occasions in any one calendar year.

A “meeting”, as contemplated by this policy, occurs when a majority of the Board members meet at the same time and place to hear, discuss, or deliberate upon any item within the jurisdiction of the Board.

The Superintendent/President shall develop procedures necessary to carry out this policy. The procedures are located in the Office of the Superintendent/President.