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1110 Health Benefits for Members of the Governing Board

Active Board Members

Pursuant to the Government Code, current members of the Governing Board, except the student trustee, may participate in the District’s medical, dental, and vision insurance programs under the same rules that apply to District employees. Such participation shall be at the individual election of the Governing Board member and paid for by the District to the same extent as is paid for employees.

Former Board Members

(a) Assuming office prior to January 1, 1995:

The District shall provide for the continuation of group medical, vision, and dental benefit insurance for former Board members who elect to receive them who served in office after January 1, 1981, and whose total service at the time of termination is at least twelve (12) years. The benefits for these former Board members shall be the same as those provided to eligible retired management employees, provided that the Board member, dependent or dependents, and spouse meet the following conditions:

1.   Former Board members must agree to pay the full costs of health and welfare benefits.
2.   All premiums, dues, or other charges are to be paid monthly in a timely fashion by the former Board member, spouse, or responsible party in the case of a dependent child. The District will not be responsible for covering late payments or for the lapse of any coverage due to any late payments.
3.   The former Board member, or if applicable his or her spouse or the responsible party in the case of a dependent child, shall be responsible for advising the District of his or her election to participate in the benefits provided herein in a timely manner, within 30 days of leaving office, so that coverage will be available under the terms of the applicable plan. If coverage is not available for any reason, the District obligation to allow continuation coverage beyond that required by COBRA shall automatically terminate.
4.   After COBRA rights have expired, coverage shall continue to be available to surviving spouses of deceased former board members, at their expense, until remarriage. On remarriage of the parental spouse, dependent children shall have only those rights to continuation coverage granted by COBRA.
5.   It is the intent of the Governing Board that all former Board members be treated the same under this policy irrespective of their length of service at the time of termination of service on the Board. This means that all former Board members, their spouses and qualified beneficiaries are responsible for paying for their own premiums, dues, and other charges.

(b) Assuming office on or after January 1, 1995:

Former Board members who assumed office after January 1, 1995 shall not be entitled to participate in the health benefits plans of the District upon leaving office, except as allowed by COBRA.

Government Code sections 53201, 53205, 53205.1; 26 U.S.C.A. 4980B (COBRA).

Formerly Governing Board Policy 1130, originally adopted 10-20-81; Governing Board Policy 1131, originally adopted 10-20-81, revised 12-6-83; Governing Board Policy 1110, adopted 12-3-85, revised and renumbered 4-1-86)

Revised and Adopted: 7-2-91, 11-3-92, 4-4-95, 4-6-98; 9-13-2011