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3135 Associated Students of Hartnell College

The Governing Board of Hartnell College recognizes and approves the Associated Students of Hartnell College (ASHC) as the legitimate student government association of Hartnell College whose purpose is the conduct of activities, that are approved by the Governing Board, on behalf of the students.

The ASHC will oversee activities for students, including student clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations will be organized in conformity with procedures established by the College. Clubs shall establish aims which are educational and compatible with College and/or community interest. Exploitation of the name of the District shall not be permitted.

Advisement will be provided to the ASHC for proper direction of all student activities. The ASHC shall be granted the use of Hartnell College premises without charge. All student activities conducted on campus will comply with established College requirements. The College nor the ASHC will assume responsibility for activities held off-campus which do not comply with the requirements set by the Governing Board.

California Education Code Section 76060 Governing Board Rules and Regulations. (1954), p. 17
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 3310-- "Philosophy Toward Student Activities", adopted 12-19-67; revised and renumbered as Governing Board Policy 3410, date unknown)
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 10-1-85, 5-5-09