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Board Policies

3140 Funds of the Associated Students of Hartnell College

The Governing Board of Hartnell College authorizes the Associated Students of Hartnell College to conduct fund-raising activities on the College campus during operating hours provided such activities do not interfere with the normal conduct of the College.  The ASHC is also permitted to establish additional student fees in accordance with the requirements of the Educational Code and the approval of the Governing Board.

Student organization activities shall be self-supporting. ASHC funds should serve the student body as a whole. Student organizations shall prepare budgets of anticipated income and expenditures for each school year to serve as operating guides for the year’s activities. Activities will be limited by the actual funds available, not by the budget.

The ASHC shall adopt procedures for expenditure of student organization funds. Each expenditure must be approved by a representative of the ASHC, the certificated advisor, and the College President or designee prior to expending student funds.

Appropriate arrangements for the cost and maintenance of the supervision of all funds raised by the Associated Students of Hartnell College and its organizations using the name of Hartnell College shall be provided for by Hartnell College.  A continuing audit of student body funds will be maintained.  The cost of the audit will be charged to the Associated Students.

Any deposits or investments of funds of the Associated Students of Hartnell College may be made only upon approval of the Hartnell College Governing Board and in compliance with the California Education Code Section 76063.

California Education Code Sections 76062-76065; Governing Board Rules and Regulations (1954), pp. 17-19
Revised: 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 4-4-95, 7-1-96, 5-5-09