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Board Policies

3155 Fund-Raising/Solicitations on Campus

Students clubs and organizations, approved by the Associated Students of Hartnell College (ASHC), may establish fund-raising activities and sell goods and services only after receiving permission from the Student Activities Office.  Proper supervision of all fund-raising and selling of goods and services shall be provided by the authorized club advisor.  The administration shall ensure that there is no solicitation for unauthorized purposes.

Off-campus, non-profit groups may provide information and/or solicit from students on campus only if sponsored by a student club or organization acting in compliance with the stipulations of this policy and/or with District Administrative permission.  The administration will use all reasonable means to determine that funds collected are used for the purposes indicated and approved.  Fund raising, the providing of information, or solicitation activities shall not interfere with the normal conduct of the college.

California Education Code Sections 76062 and 76065;
Governing Board Rules and Regulations. (1954), p. 17
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 3311.1-- "Solicitations", adopted 4-23-68; renumbered as Governing Board Policy 3435, date unknown)
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 1-5-88, 4-6-98, 6-2-09 (office name change);