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Board Policies

3165 Emergency Medical Services to Hartnell College Students
Emergency medical services for students shall ordinarily consist of direct and timely referral to emergency medical (rescue) services, a hospital, or a physician, where it reasonably appears or it is reasonably demonstrated that professional care or treatment is required. When a student suffers a serious accident or illness on campus or in a related college activity, emergency medical rescue services shall be called (911) or the services of a physician or other qualified health care provider shall be summoned if a timely and appropriate response can reasonably be anticipated. In all cases where referral is made, an accident or illness report shall be filed.

Emergency medical treatment, if any, when reasonably applied in good faith under circumstances reasonably requiring treatment, shall not constitute the basis for liability of the District, its officers, or employees.

Further, the District, its officers and employees, shall not be held liable for the reasonable treatment of a minor student without the consent of the parent or guardian when the minor is ill or injured during regular College hours and requires reasonable medical treatment and the parent or guardian cannot be reached, unless the guardian has previously filed a written objection to any medical treatment other than first aid.

California Education Code, Section 76407
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 3411, “Immediate Action in Case of Accident or Illness” adopted 3-13-69, renumber Governing Board Policy 3510 (date unknown)
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 10-1-85, 4-4-95, 4-6-98, 6-28-01