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Board Policies

3170 Counseling Program

The Governing Board of Hartnell College supports a program of comprehensive counseling services as a necessary and required part of the educational program at Hartnell College.

In helping students to achieve their academic potentials, counseling services shall include, as a minimum, academic counseling, career counseling, evaluation of assessment tesing result, personal counseling, referrals to on-campus and community services, the instruction of counseling related courses, and recruitment activites.

Student counseling services shall be available to all current and potential Hartnell College students.  These services shall be mandatory for first-time students enrolling for more than six units and students on academic progress probation.

California Education Code 72620; Title 5, Sections 51018 (Formerly Governing Board Policy 2210; adopted 3-13-69; see also former Governing Board Policy 2211: "Referrals", adopted 3-13-69)
Adopted, Revised and Renumbered 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 4-4-95, 7-1-96, 6-2-09