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Board Policies

3185 Financial Aid

The Governing Board of Hartnell College recognizes that the purpose of financial aid is to provide equal opportunity and access to post-secondary education for all persons regardless of ability to pay.  Consequently, although the primary responsibility for meeting college costs is considered to rest with the student and his or her family, Hartnell College supports a Financial Aid Office to provide assistance to students with documented financial need.

Hartnell  College shall award financial aid in compliance with the Hartnell College Policy statement of Equal Education Opportunity as available in the Office of Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunityand in compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines. 

The Financial Aid Office shall establish, publicize, and apply satisfactory academic progress standards for participants in Title IV student aid programs.

Education Code, Sections 66021, 68044, 76300 et seq., 76350 et seq.; Title 5, Sections 58600-58630.
Adopted: 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 1-2-90, 4-4-95, 4-6-98, 6-2-09