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3225 HIV/AIDS Policy Statement
The Hartnell Community College District is committed to providing a safe as well as fair, sensitive and nondiscriminatory environment which is in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. According to medical evidence, individuals who have tested HIV positive or are perceived as being HIV positive, do not present a health risk to others in the classroom nor in the work place. Whenever possible, the District will provide students with current information on HIV/AIDS from available medical sources.

The Hartnell Community College District will treat all students equally, regardless of whether they are HIV positive or are perceived to be HIV positive, belong to a group thought to be particularly susceptible to HIV/AIDS, or have tested positive for HIV antibody. An HIV positive individual will not be denied enrollment for instruction in the District as long as he/she is able to perform in accordance with the respective standards of each class. Furthermore, the District will not require an individual to undergo HIV antibody testing, nor HIV/AIDS medical screening as a condition of enrollment.

Health and Safety Code, Sections 199.20 et seq.; Education Code, Section 72011
Revised and Adopted: 1-5-88
Revised and Adopted: 7-2-91