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3235 Use of Internet by Students and Others
Hartnell College, as an institution of higher education whose purpose is primarily teaching and learning, zealously seeks to protect free speech and inquiry as essential to the learning process and program. The U.S. and California Constitutions guarantee free speech and expression as protected fundamental rights; thus, any curtailment or abridgment of those rights is prohibited and negates the basic principles of freedom accorded U.S. citizens and other legal residents.

Exercise of free speech and inquiry, however, is not absolute and is unlawful if it is obscene, libelous or slanderous, or if it incites students or others to harm or injure other persons, or violates any college policy or regulation, including Hartnell College Policies and Procedures Related to Student Rights, Responsibilities and Grievance Process, or is substantially disruptive of the orderly operation of the campus.

Use of the Internet at Hartnell College is for educational purposes only or as an academic enhancement to supplement classroom instruction and learning. Use of computers, programs and facilities, including the Internet, for viewing, receiving, or sending obscene or libelous materials or other unlawful purposes cited above, is forbidden and will result in denial of use or other sanctions. This is applicable to students and non-students alike, whether adults or minors.

U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment; California Constitution, Article 1, Section 1; Section 76120, Education Code; Reno v. ACLU et al, U.S. Supreme Court, decided June 26, 1997
Adopted: 4-6-98