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Board Policies

4120 Academic Freedom
The Hartnell Community College Governing Board believes that faculty and students have the right to pursue teaching and learning with full freedom of inquiry. In order to assure that this viewpoint is understood by all, the Board adopts the following policy.

On Academic Freedom and Responsibility
Academic freedom gives the faculty member the right to interpret findings and to communicate conclusions without being subject to any discrimination, interference or pressures because those conclusions are at variance with constituted authorities or organized groups. In the classroom, therefore, the faculty member is entitled to exercise this freedom within the course objectives and policies approved by the Board of Trustees.

Academic freedom carries with it corresponding responsibility, which emphasizes the obligation to study, to investigate, to present and interpret, and to discuss facts and ideas relevant to the curriculum in all branches and fields of knowledge. The faculty member will acknowledge controversial views, identify any bias or advocacy, and show respect for opinions held by others.

Education Code, Section 70902 (b) (7); Title 5, Section 51023
Revised and Adopted: 7-8-87, 4-4-95