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5005 Academic Staff

It is the policy of the Governing Board of the Hartnell Community College District to employ academic personnel of the highest quality to help achieve the mission, goals, and objectives of the District, with due consideration of its commitment to equal employment opportunity.

In those disciplines in which academic degrees are customary, candidates recommended to the Board will possess a Master's Degree or equivalent from an accredited institution in their subject field. The minimum qualifications in disciplines not normally requiring a Masters Degree shall be a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent plus related occupational or professional experience required by Title 5, Sections 53410-53413. The process for determining the minimum qualifications for faculty hire will be jointly developed by the Superintendent/President and the Academic Senate and submitted to the Governing Board for approval. The process shall include the minimum requirements set forth in Title 5, Sections 53430 (b) and (c).

In the event that a candidate for employment does not meet the minimum qualifications set forth within the standards established by the Board Approved Minimum Qualifications List, it shall be incumbent upon that candidate to apply for an evaluation of equivalency.

The Academic Senate shall establish minimum standards for consideration of equivalency. These standards will be submitted to the Governing Board for approval.

Education Code, Sections 87100, 87351-87359,87400; Title 5, Sections 53021 and 53430
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 4110 (see also former Governing Board Policy 4112), adopted 11-15-66)
Adopted, Revised and Renumbered 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 1-2-90, 7-2-91, 4-4-95, 4-6-98, 9-16-02 , 4-1-03