Changes Coming Monday October 20th!

Event Date: 
Monday - Oct 20, 2014 (All day)

Changes Coming Flyer!

On Monday, October 20th we will need everyone's participation and cooperation. We will be streamlining the Hartnell login process. On this day, but not before, all campus constituents (staff, faculty, students) will need to know and use their Hartnell ID as it will be replacing your current user name when logging into campus systems such as computers, printers, PAWS and Etudes. Email will not be affected. The Hartnell ID is the same number as your employee or student ID. More directions will be sent by email, posted online, shown on displays and posted around campus to ensure the change will be understood and properly followed by everyone on and off campus. It's not overly complicated, but we just want to make sure everyone makes the transition smoothly. Enjoy the attached YouTube video and flyer. More information will follow on Monday. Feel free to send questions or concerns to

Thank you for your attention to this matter,