"Honor Thy Children" Presentation

Event Date: 
Thursday - Nov 6, 2014 8:30 a.m.
Event Coordinator: 
Hartnell College Social & Behavioral Sciences Department and the Hartnell College Psychology Club

Mr. and Mrs. Al and Jane Nakatani were living the American Dream. Yet like millions of other parents, they were blind to the multiple layers of discrimination, racism, and homophobia that plagued their sons’ search for identity and self-acceptance.  Al and Jane’s ignorance of their sons’ struggles cost them dearly. They lost all three sons:  two to AIDS and one to murder.  It has been their mission to understand how they and other entities contributed to the premature deaths of all 3 sons. Their powerful true story is described in the book, “Honor Thy Children” (by Molly Fumia).  At this presentation, Al and Jane reveal how the process of human and self–denigration can diminish and destroy children and young people.  They teach us to truly honor and love ALL children.

It is highly recommended that audience members read the book “Honor Thy Children” before attending, or watch their 53-minute video with the same title.  Due to the short presentation time, the video will not be shown at their presentation.  Click on the link to the left to watch the video.