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Task 3_DRU101_March

Event Date: 
Friday - Mar 27, 2015 (All day)
Event Coordinator: 
Bill Wayman
Task 3 Instructions: Create an event
Instructions: Follow these steps to create an event, and publish it if desired.

Create an Event:

  1. Click on Add Content
  2. Select Event
  3. Fill out the following fields:
    1. Event name
    2. Event description (optional)
    3. Event date (click the box next to “Repeat” to see the repeating options)
    4. Event type
    5. Audience
    6. Site section
    7. Location
    8. Contact person
  4. Click Save

When you have done this -- go to the Assignments, Tests, and Surveys section and complete "Task 3: Create a Sample Event".

Publish an Event (ONLY do this if you want your event LIVE!!):

  1. Click the Moderate tab
  2. Click “Apply” to the right of “Needs Review”
    (now the drop down menu will change to say “Draft”)
  3. Click the dropdown menu and select “Published”
  4. Click “Apply” again.

Your event is now live!  That means it is visible on the live website!!  Did you make a mistake?? Delete your event and try again:

Delete an Event:

  1. Click the “New Draft” tab
  2. Then select “Delete” towards the bottom (near the “Save” button).
  3. On the new page that automatically opens, click “Delete” again to confirm

If you delete your event, we cannot find it to grade.  Make sure that you do not delete an event that you want to be graded.  If you publish, and want to delete, make sure you create a new event and leave it unpublished.