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Off-Campus and Community Jobs

Below is a current listing of off-campus and community job opportunities. Click on the link to view the job description and application process. 

Attention Employers:

To post a job listing, please contact the Transfer & Career Center at (831) 759-6007 or send an email inquiry to








Forklift Operator

Law Enforcement










Television Station






Posted 7/31/17 Contra Costa County - Database Administator (SQL Server), Deputy County Counsel-Exempt

Posted 5/11/17 - Research Technologist - Seed Health Tecnoglogist



Posted 8/31/17 Green Valley Floral- Greenhouse Maintenance Supervisor

Posted 8/31/17 Driscoll- Procurement System Analyst

Posted 8/16/17 Ocean Mist- Inspector,  Carton Yard Loader, Product Coordinator, Loader,

Posted 8/16/17 Enza Zaden - Crop Worker 

Poseted 04/19/17 - Healthy Soil- Production AssistantProduction Assistant Bridge



Posted 8/31/17 Community Foundation for Monyerey County - Accounting Coordinator

Posted 8/23/17  Youth Music Monterey County - Program Assistant

Posted 8/16/17 Ocean Mist Human Resource Manager,

Posted 7/31/17 H&R Block - Learn Taxes

Posted 7/31/17 YMCA - Data & Reporting Associate

Posted 7/31/17 Contra Costa County - Workforce Service Specialist

Posted 7/31/17 AGFORCE-Accounts Payable Clerk, Information Technology Manager, Payroll Technician

Posted 7/19/17 Monterey Law Firm - Legal Assistant

Posted 7/19/17 Contra Costa County - Election Processing Supervisor

Posted 7/19/17 CSUMB Administrative Assistant IIAdministrative Assistant II

Posted 6/20/17 AGFORCE- Payroll Clerk

Posted 5/25/17 - Congregation Beth Israel -Part Time Office Receptionist/AssistantPT Book Keeper

Posted 5/4/17 - City of Salinas - Human Resource Technician



Posted 8/31/17 Monterey County Health Department - Health Program Coordinator

Posted 8/16/17 CSUMB - Program Coordinator

Posted 7/19/17 Contra Costa County - Emergency Planning Coordinator

Posted 7/19/17 Coastline Suport Ince,- Program Coordinator

Posted 5/25/2017 Girl Scouts - Program Coordinator



Posted 8/31/17 King City Union School District - Para Educator

Posted 8/31/17 Salinas Homework Assistance - Tutor Wanted

Posted 8/31/17 CSUMB - Suicide Prevention Project Coordinator

Posted 8/23/17 Tutor Doctor- Tutoring positions

Posted 8/16/17 CSUMB - Administrative Assitant II, Uderwriting Specialist , Academic/Career Coach , Callege and Career Advisor

Posted 7/19/17 CSUMB - Instructional Coach 

Posted 7/19/17 Sacred Hear Parish School - Sapanish Teacher , Extended Care Aide, Extended Care Program Director

Posted 7/3/17 CSUMB - Community Director Conduct Coorditor 

Posted 6/20/17 CSUMB- Disciplined Based Education Researcher

Posted 6/20/17- CSUMB- Field Research Scientist

Posted 5/30/17 MAOF -TeacherTeacher AssistantCustodianMigrant Specialized Service Coordinator/Appeal Hearing Officer

Posted 5/17/17 - CSUMB-Administrative Support IIIEvents AssistantHomework Center CoordinatorStudent Housing & Resident Life 

Posted 5/4/17 - CSUMB - Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Posted 5/4/17 - Live Music Tutor - Music Instructor/Tutor 



Forklift Operator

Posted 5/25/2017 Green Gate Fresh- Forklift operatorRotator


Health and Client Services 

Posted 7/19/17 Coastline Supported Living Service - Client Care Responder (CCR) , Home Training Specialist


Law Enforcement

Posted 8/16/17 Contra Costa- Sheriff's Specialist, Sheriff's Dispatcher I

Posted 7/10/17 California ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control)- Agent

Posted 6/27/17 City of Salinas - Police Recruit 

Posted 6/27/17 County of Monterey- Sheriffs Property Technician

Posted 5/30/17 Monterey County Sheriff's Office- Deputy Sheriff-Operations

Posted 5/11/17 - California State Parks- Cadet Rangers & Life Guards



Posted 8/16/17 Contra Costa County- Grounds Maintenance Specialist Irrigation

Posted 7/31/17 Rebar Facility - Yard Worker

Posted 6/20/17 AGFORCE- Vineyard Maintenance Supervisor

Posted 5/30/17 City of Santa Cruz - Utility Maintenance Technician Trainee

Posted 5/25/2017 Green Waste Recovery, Inc. - Maintenance Mechanic/Lube Technician

Posted 5/4/17 - Sierra Energy - Maintenance Mechanic




Posted 7/3/2017 Solar Media - Deputies of Marketing Officer

Posted 5/30/17 EDD-Research Analyst II

Posted 5/25/17 Law Offices of California Rural Legal Assitance -Community Worker



Posted 8/16/17 Ocean Mist Mechanic I 

Posted 8/16/17 Job Shop - Machinist

Posted 7/19/17 C&N Tractors - Small Engine Mechanic

Posted 5/30/17  San Mateo County Transit District - Mechanic



Posted 8/16/17 KCBA/KDJT/KSMS - Engineering Assistant

Posted 8/16/17 - KSMS - Technical Director




Posted 8/16/17 Monterey County Health Department - Social Worker III

Posted 7/31/17 Trinette Gilbert DC, CMT- Medical Biller

Posted 7/31/17 Staffrehab - LVN

Posted 6/27/17 Valley Convalescent Hospital CNA

Posted 6/20/17- Monterey County Animal Services - Registered Veterinary Technician , Animal Care Technician I

Posted 5/25/17 - Canterbury Woods - CNA, RN, LVN, Server, Housekeeper

Posted 5/25/2017 Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers RN & LVN

Posted 5/4/17  - Chanticleer Veterinary Hospital - Veterinary Technician

Posted 5/4/17 - Hospice of Santa Cruz - Nurses

Posted 05/04/17 - Janus of Santa Cruz - LVN/Staff Nurse




Posted 8/31/17 Lucky California - Retail Postions Available 

Posted 8/16/17 Turners - Various Positions

Posted 5/30/17 The Splash Car Wash - Carsh Wash

Posted 5/17/17 - The Kroger Co. - Local Store Attendant 

Posted 5/4/17- BDS Marketing, LLC -Retail/Merchandising



Posted 7/19/17 Flow Cryotherapy - Front desk/Assistant

Posted 6/27/17 UPS- Sales Associate

Posted 6/20/17 AGFORCE- Sales Representative/Outside Sales



Solar Industry 

Posted 7/19/17 GRID Alternatives Central Coast' SolarCorps- Fellowship Program



Posted 8/31/17 Teknova- IT systems Technician

Posted 8/16/17 Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute - Information System Technician

Posted 8/16/17 Contra Costa County - Animal Center Technician

Posted 8/16/17 Contra Costa County- Geographic Information Systems Technician

Posted 6/20/17-AGFORCE- Quality Control Technician

Posted 6/1/17 MBARI- Electro Mechanical Technician



Television Stations

Posted 6/27/2017 NPG of Monterey-Salinas CA LLC. -Traffic Assistant

Posted 6/27/17 KION-Digital Content Director , Assistant News Director



Posted 5/4/17 - Americolo - Operadores de Montecarcas Forklift Operator

Posted 5/4/2017 -AmeriCold Logistics - LTO, Warehouse Worker

Posted 5/30/17 Goodwill Central Coast - Warehouse Processors, Dock Material Handlers, Class A & Class B Drivers, Outlet Material Handlers, E-Commerce Clerks



 Posted 7/3/2017 Wrath Wine- Tasting Room Assistant

Posted 6/20/17 - Michaud Vineyard- Wine Tasting Room Associate



Posted 8/31/17 -EBMUD Careers

Posted 8/31/17 Sun Street Center - Residential Coordinator

Posted 8/31/17 Monterey One Water - Information Technology Intern

Posted 8/31/17 JDT consultants Inc - TBS Coach

Posted 8/31/17 Contra Costa County - DuplicatingMachine Operator I 

Posted 8/31/17 Monterey One Water - Laboratory Intern, GIS/Planning Intern

Posted 8/31/17 YI Advisors - Student Advisory Committee

Posted 8/23/17 NCI Affiliates INC- Various Positions

Posted 8/23/17  Vaquero Contruction - Construction Project Engineer

Posted 8/23/17 Atwrk Personnel - Various positions

Posted 8/16/17 Career Education Campaign 2017 - YI Advisor 

Posted 7/31/17 Contra Costa County - Cook, Recylcle Center Attendant I 

Posted 7/31/17 Big Sur Land Trust - Land Stewardship Assistant

Posted 7/31/17 Monterey Bay Sleep Center - Licensed Sleep Lab Technologist

Posted 7/31/17 GEO - Multiple positions

Posted 7/19/17 Contra Costa County - Building Inspector I

Posted 7/10/17 AMR - Scheduler 

Posted 7/3/17 -EBMUD Careers

Posted 7/3/17 Bellowing Heating,Plumbing & Air- Lead Generator









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