College Planning Council

The charge of the College Planning Council is to make recommendations to the President in matters that involve and affect the college as a whole, to include:

  • Recommendations from standing college committees;
  • Recommendations from other campus groups or councils formed to study specific topics or issues affecting the campus at large. 
  • As the primary college council, the CPC will serve as the umbrella group for the various shared governance committees on campus and will bring forward to the President its recommendations, as appropriate, for consideration and implementation.
To disseminate critically important information, to ensure open  communication, to promote genuine involvement before and while decisions are made, and to provide for inclusive participation of all campus constituencies. 
The CPC is responsible to: Oversee all aspects of the college planning and accreditation processes; Review and update progress annually on the implementation of the college’s Strategic Plans; Provide counsel to the President in matters of institutional operations, including but not limited to budgeting, planning, facilities, technology, diversity and external priorities.
Agenda Items