CSin3 Program

About CSin3

The CSin3 program is a collaborative degree program between CSU Monterey Bay and Hartnell College. Students in this program earn a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 3 years.

Currently admitting students for Cohort 6 

The CSin3 program is currently reopening admissions for current Hartnell students whom will have completed or will pass MAT-27, MAT-24 or MAT-25 this semester or Monterey County High School Seniors who are ready to take MAT 3A* in the fall and are interested in pursuing and obtaining a degree in CS in 3 years. Students would be eligible for a scholarship of up to $14,000 total for the 3-years. Students must be eligible to enroll in MAT 3A Fall 2018. 

Apply at CSin3 application by Friday, April 20, 2018. If you have any questions please visit http://www.hartnell.edu/csin3 or contact Mindy Sanchez-Ryan misanchez@hartnell.edu.

*Math placement rules for MAT 3A:
High School 11th grade GPA 3.2+ AND C or better in High School Pre-Calculus/ Math Analysis or Trigonometry.

Contact Us

For more information about the program and contact information, please visit the CSin3 website.