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Mai Ryuno

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Mai Ryuno was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She came to the United States as an exchange student to Amherst College, MA. This experience was pivotal in her decision to later move to the US to earn her MFA in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute after completing her BA in English at the Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. Ryuno later returned to Japan to work on an innovative educational initiative by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development and Fukushima University. She worked in collaborative educational projects for revitalization of the Tohoku region where the Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami hit in 2011. Currently, she lives in Pacific Grove, CA.

Since the moment when the huge 2011 earthquake and tsunami hit her home country of Japan, Ryuno has become acutely aware of every living moment. Spontaneity is the hallmark of Ryuno's work where accidental happenings from daily life affect her creative process. A reflection of pajamas tossed on a couch creates a color pattern onto a silver leaf surface waiting to be painted which leads to unexpected and spontaneous changes.


Other Videos:

  • Wave Painting- Ancestral Observations Art Project 
    "The process in these paintings is uncontrollable- much like the Tsunami. Over and over I traced my steps down to the ocean taking a single piece of paper that I painted sitting high up on the beach where I could imagine the rising of the sea as the Tsunami came near the people of Tohoku." - Mai Ryuno
  • Mai Ryuno: Sky Project 
    After the Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, I began to take a photograph of sky everyday in order to note time passing and what happened in the part of my home country and the difficult conditions in which the people were forced to live.