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 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Dairokuno Richard 770−6172 Instructional Technology Technician (Library) Library Services A159 rdairoku@hartnell.edu
Davalos Olivia 755−6782 Deputy Sector Navigator (New Media Center) Languages and Fine Arts A228 odavalos@hartnell.ed
Davis Michael 755−6964 Instructor (Welding) Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-B117 mldavis@hartnell.edu
Davis Mary 770−6153 Skills Lab Coordinator (Nursing) Nursing & Allied Health B221 mdavis@hartnell.edu
Dean of Academic Affairs (Advanced Technology and Applied Science)   755−6960   Academic Affairs AC-A102  
Dean of Academic Affairs (Languages and Fine Arts)   755−6905   Academic Affairs D102  
Dean of Academic Affairs (Learning Support and Resources)   755−6916   Academic Affairs A150  
Dean of Academic Affairs (Math, Science and Engineering)   755−6875   Academic Affairs D102  
Dean of Academic Affairs (Nursing and Allied Health)   770−6146   Academic Affairs C216  
Dean of Academic Affairs (Social and Behavioral Sciences)   755−6739   Academic Affairs D102  
Dean of Academic Affairs (South County Education Services)   386−7100   Academic Affairs KCC218  
Dean of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness   755−6809   Institutional Planning and Effectiveness D105  
Dean of Student Affairs (Enrollment)   755−6714   Academic Affairs B122  
Dean of Student Affairs (Student Success)   759−6057   Academic Affairs B127  
Del Real Abel 755−6993 Payroll Technician Adminstrative Services E108 adelreal@hartnell.edu
Deliveries   755−6955   Adminstrative Services L  
Diaz Albert 755−6950 Custodian (Maintenance and Operations) Adminstrative Services L adiaz@hartnell.edu
Diaz Eva 759−6013 Administrative Assistant I (TRIO) Student Affairs D114 ediaz@hartnell.edu
Diaz Sergio 386−7139 Counselor - Adjunct (ECE) Student Affairs KC117 sdiaz@hartnell.edu
Distance Learning   755−6721   Academic Affairs B107  
Dominguez Mary 755−6714 Dean of Student Affairs (Enrollment Services) Student Affairs B122 mdomingu@hartnell.edu
DSES Program   755−6923   Learning Support and Resources D119  
DSES Registration Line   755−6807   Learning Support and Resources D119  
DSP&S   755−6760   Student Affairs B107  
Durham Barbara 770−6151 Instructor (Nursing) Nursing & Allied Health B221 bdurham@hartnell.edu
Early Education Center Alisal   755−6774   Instructional Programs and Support AC-E  
Edens Alexander 770−7055 Instructor (Biology) Math, Science and Engineering N14 aedens@hartnell.edu
Edeza Delia 755−6916 Administrative Assistant Iii Learning Support and Resources A152 dedeza@hartnell.edu
Emergency Status Bulletin   796−6222   Adminstrative Services L  
Engineering   755−6875   Math, Science and Engineering N2  
Englehorn John 755−6991 Master Electrician Western Stage KBOOTH jengleho@hartnell.edu
English Placement Office   759−6054   Student Affairs B128  
Enriquez Lucia 759−6000 Food Service Worker Adminstrative Services CCAFE  
Entekhabi Parviz 755−6966 Instructor (Drafting) Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-A109 pentekhabi@hartnell.edu
Entekhabi Parviz 755−6966 Instructor (Engineering) Math, Science and Engineering AC-A109 pentekhabi@hartnell.edu
EOPS/CARE/CALWorks   755−6860   Student Affairs B130  
Equipment Repair (Audio/Visual)   755−6869   Library Services A133  
Equipment/Training Room   755−6834   Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H07  
Esparza-Luna Christina 770−6132 Instructor (Economics) Social and Behavioral Sciences D305 cesparza-luna@hartnell.edu
Estrada Denyss 755−6820 Counselor - Adjunct (Title V) Math, Science and Engineering B129B destrada@hartnell.edu
Estrella Elizabeth 759−6048 Counselor Student Affairs B129G lestrell@hartnell.edu
Ettinger Steve 755−6906 Instructor (Music) Languages and Fine Arts K123 settinger@hartnell.edu
Evaluations (Transcripts)   755−6714   Student Affairs B121  
Evening & Weekend Programs   755−6721   Academic Affairs B107