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 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Maceira Diana 759−6054 Assessment Technician Student Affairs B106A dmaceira@hartnell.edu
Madrigal Millicent 759−6017 Counselor (EOPS) Student Affairs B129E mmadriga@hartnell.edu
Maffei Robert 755−6744 Instructor (Business Administration) Social and Behavioral Sciences D365 rmaffei@hartnell.edu
Magallon Jose 755−6950 Custodian (Maintenance and Operations) Adminstrative Services L  
Mail Room   755−6700   Adminstrative Services B116  
Maintenance   755−6950   Adminstrative Services L  
Mankins Larry 755−6877 Instructor (Athletics) Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H109 lmankins@hartnell.edu
Marble Andrea 770−6177 Systems Specialist (Human Resources and EEO) Adminstrative Services D108 amarble@hartnell.edu
Margarito Carlos 755−6950 Grounds Equipment Operator (Maintenance and Operations) Adminstrative Services L  
Margarito Concepcion 755−6950 Custodian (Maintenance and Operations) Adminstrative Services L cmargari@hartnell.edu
Marketing Office   755−6858   Advancement and Development/Foundation D109  
Martinez Karen 755−6997 Accounting Assistant Adminstrative Services E108 kmartine@hartnell.edu
Martinez Joe 759−6041 Counselor - Adjunct (Title V) Instructional Programs and Support E214 jmartine@hartnell.edu
Martinez Janice 755−6945 Teacher (Child Development Center) Instructional Programs and Support M jlmartin@hartnell.edu
Massimo Monica 770−6103 Administrative Assistant (Human Resources and EEO) Adminstrative Services D108 mmassimo@hartnell.edu
Math, Science & Engineering   755−6875   Math, Science and Engineering C132  
Matriculation   755−6820   Student Affairs B119  
Matsushita-Arao Yoshiko 755−6781 Instructor (Psychology) Social and Behavioral Sciences E316 yarao@hartnell.edu
Maxwell Megan 759−6042 ASHC Secretary Student Affairs C102 meganlmaxwell@student.hartnell.edu
Mayfield Margaret 755−6898 Head Librarian (Library) Library Services A139 mmayfield@hartnell.edu
McCreesh Patrick 770−6197 Science Lab Technician Math, Science and Engineering N27 pmccreesh@hartnell.edu
McGrath Richard 755−6950 Grounds Equipment Operator (Maintenance and Operations) Adminstrative Services L  
McGrath Jeff 755−6988 Production & Facilities Manager Western Stage K109 jmcgrath@hartnell.edu
McGriff Nathaniel ext: 7818 Enrollment Services Specialist Student Affairs B121 nmcgriff@hartnell.edu
Measure H (FDO)   770−7041   Adminstrative Services R  
MECHA   755−6825   Student Affairs C102  
Media Center (Library)   759−6091   Library Services A159  
Media Equipment Services (Library)   755−6869   Library Services A133  
Melone-Echiburu Maggie 755−6970 NASA SEMMA Grants Manager Advancement and Development/Foundation AC-C103 mmelone@hartnell.edu
Mena Julia 770−7073 Student Services Technician (High School Equivalency Program) Languages and Fine Arts AC-A112 jmena@hartnell.edu
Mendelsohn Kathy 755−6916 Dean of Academic Affairs (Learning Support & Resources) Academic Affairs A150 kmendelsohn@hartnell.edu
Mendez Patrick 755−6975 Accounting Assistant Adminstrative Services E108 pmendez@hartnell.edu
Mendoza-Lewis Rhea 755−6784 Instructor (English) Languages and Fine Arts D364 rmendoza@hartnell.edu
MESA Program   770−6131   Math, Science and Engineering N22A  
Miles Billie 770−6194 Ellucian Project Manager Information and Technology Resources A127 bmiles@hartnell.edu
Mini-Corps Program   755−6927   Student Affairs A147  
Molina Annette ext: 7718 Technician (Admissions & Records) Student Affairs B121 amolina@hartnell.edu
Montelongo (Lopez) Juana 755−6789 Program Assistant I Information and Technology Resources E113 jlopez@hartnell.edu
Montenegro (Owen) Esmeralda 755−6858 Director of Communications Advancement and Development/Foundation E101 emontenegro@hartnell.edu
Moreno Teresa 755−6723 ACE Program Assistant Academic Affairs D383 tmoreno@hartnell.edu
Moreno Bronwyn 770−6131 MESA Program Director Advancement and Development/Foundation N3 bmoreno@hartnell.edu
Moreno Alexandra 759−6054 Assessment Technician Student Affairs B106A amoreno@hartnell.edu
Moreno Clara ext: 7803 Specialist (Financial Aid) Student Affairs B128 cramirez@hartnell.edu
Moss Christopher 755−6859 Instructor (Mathematics) Math, Science and Engineering D268 cmoss@hartnell.edu
Moth Pimol 755−6893 Instructor (Physics/Astronomy) Math, Science and Engineering N5 pmoth@hartnell.edu
Moya Hector 755−6734 ASHC Student Trustee Student Affairs C102 hectorsmoya@student.hartnell.edu
Multi-Media Lab   770−6169   Languages and Fine Arts J216A  
Munoz Al 755−6914 Vice President of Administrative Services Adminstrative Services E108 amunoz@hartnell.edu
Myers Bill 770−7004 Director of Campus Safety (Security) Alisal Campus Adminstrative Services AC-A101 wmyers@hartnell.edu
Myers Bill 770−7000 Director of Campus Safety (Security) Adminstrative Services C136 wmyers@hartnell.edu