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February 7, 2012. Hartnell Engineering club to hold first meeting of spring semester on Thursday at 1pm in MER11.

January 31, 2012. UCSC partners with Hartnell in education program with sustainable energy focus. $6 million grant strengthens regional education pipeline for Hispanics and low-income students

January 27, 2012. Part-2 of the Cebrowski Institute/Hartnell Community College Catalyst series on the successful collaboration between Hartnell College and NPS with the Summer Intern Program
How students are going on to get their degrees while working at NPS - many are first in their families to graduate college; NPS Professor Jim Newman, Space Systems, GSEAS offers his perspective along with Ernesto Yzquierdo, NPS Research Assistant and Former Hartnell College Intern

December 9, 2011. Gente Sobresaliente: Genaro Sánchez, egresado de Hartnell, es un ingeniero inquisitivo

August 25, 2011. Hartnell Engineering club holds inaugural meeting
The Hartnell Engineering club met yesterday for the first time ever, drawing a record crowd. The club is a spinoff of the Hartnell Rockets and Robotics club.

August 20, 2011. Hartnell Science and Engineering students present research findings at 5th Annual Hartnell College Summer Internship Symposium
The symposium booklet can be viewed here. Participating Hartnell engineering students included Bruce Liscomb, Chahan Shah, Jose Rico, Phillip Yee, Jaime de Anda, Luciano Cerritos, Will Chernetsky, Alejandro Cota, Leo Osornio, Katia Gonzalez, Judy Lantaca, Oscar Camacho, Leonel Munoz, Rey Osoteo, Alexander Wolf, Cameron Schaefer, Tanya Perez, Carlos Saldivar, Marcelino Samaguey, Lacie Sims, and Steven Vuong.

July 13, 2011. Hartnell engineering student gets NASA scholarship

July 2, 2011. Hartnell opens NASA lab on Alisal Campus to inspire local children toward careers in science, math, and engineering

June 6, 2011. Hartnell Receives Prestigious NSF Grant for Sustainable Energy Education
The Consortium -- an alliance of several partnerships -- will create pathways and career opportunities in fields such as electrical engineering and sustainable design engineering, something Andy Newton, director of the Science and Math Institute at Hartnell says could drive Salinas students to renewable energy and scientific research.

June 2, 2011. Congratulations to Hartnell College Engineering Graduates!
Congratulations to Hartnell engineering graduates Oscar Camacho, Jaime Gollaz, Chris Halcon, Ubaldo Matias Perez, Leonel Perez, Jose Rico, Marcelino Samaguey, and Ernesto Yzquierdo!

April 15, 2011. Hartnell Engineering Instructor Published in Scientific Journal
Hartnell engineering instructor, Dr. Melissa Hornstein, received notification that her paper on terahertz gyrotrons has been accepted into publication in the April 2011 IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) journal. This is state of the art technology which could be used to cure Alzheimer's disease. The title of the publication is, "Enhanced Stability of Second- and Fourth-Harmonic Gyrotrons Driven by a Frequency-Doubled Prebunched Beam".

April 7, 2011. Hartnell Rockets and Robotics Club Qualifies for 2011 International MATE ROV Competition
Congratulations to the Hartnell Rockets and Robotics Club for qualifying for the 2011 International MATE ROV competition. For more on the competition visit: http://www.materover.org/main/index.php

March 3, 2011. New Environmental Engineering Class to be Offered in Fall Semester
Hartnell engineering instructor, Dr. Melissa Hornstein, attended a workshop at the Esalen Institute in December hosted by Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, a world-class environmental guru. Based on what she learned at the workshop, she is developing a class for Hartnell students called “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” (EGN 3). The class will be offered this fall. The class will serve as a pathway into engineering for students from all backgrounds through green, renewable, sustainable, and environmental technology.

September 14, 2010. Hartnell Engineering Instructor Receives Patent
Hartnell engineering instructor, Dr. Melissa Hornstein, was awarded a patent for her work with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. Her patent, “Long Range Active Thermal Imaging System and Method”, was issued on September 14. The number is 7,795,583, and the authors are Richard F. Hubbard, Arne W. Fliflet, Jeffrey H. Bowles, David A. Kidwell, Melissa K. Hornstein, Geoffrey B. Smith, and David Lewis, III. The work centered around heating up distant targets using millimeter-wave radiation generated by a vacuum-electron source called a gyrotron oscillator.