Night Time View Of Hartnell Campus

Facilities/Events Booking

Community and Campus Use of College Facilities:

Hartnell College welcomes community use of our facilities.  You can access more information and download the necessary forms through the links found below. Our procedures follow prescribed state guidelines. 

Regulations and procedures, including fees for community use of Hartnell College facilities, may be downloaded by clicking here.

Submit completed applications by email or fax to:

Main Campus Facilities
Joanne E. Pleak
Office:  (831) 755-6870
Fax:  (831) 759-6084 

Alisal Campus Facilities
Alejandra Carrillo
Office:  (831) 755-6960
Fax:  (831) 758-6017

King City Education Center Facilities
Office:  (831) 386-7126
Fax: (831) 386-7150

Who to contact

Facilities and Events Scheduler
Phone: 831-755-6870
T - Campus Safety
Building: Portable Buildings



Sergio Bindel Jr


David Robert Feustle